Crysis 3 Welcomes You to the Jungle in 2013

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We may have seen it leaked last week but Crytek and EA officially announced it today: Crysis 3 is coming in 2013 to all of your favorite consoles and the PC. Taking place some 20 years after the previous game, Crysis 3 takes players back to New York City which has been sealed off with a Nanodome, placed by the Cell Corporation (one of the bad guys from Crysis 2). The Nanodome divides New York City into seven different districts, each of which poses its own challenge for players.

Not much has been confirmed about Crysis 3 yet except that Prophet is back, he’s packing a bow, and we’ll be going up against human and Ceph enemies once again. You can pre-order the game right now on Origin and get the Hunter Edition which will net you a multiplayer XP bonus (jumping you up to level five), early access to the bow and some other goodies. EA is already calling Crysis 3 the “first blockbuster shooter” of next year.

What do you guys think about this? Is it coming too soon after Crysis 2? What changes do you hope to see? Personally I liked Crysis 2’s single-player quite a bit, but the multiplayer didn’t quite grab me like it did in the first game. Hopefully the design changes back from being a straight-up Call of Duty knockoff to something resembling its original form, but with a short turn-around between games, I don’t think that’s likely. Since the main character now uses a bow, expect me to be calling him “Prophet Hood” every chance I get.

Source – Kotaku

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One thought on “Crysis 3 Welcomes You to the Jungle in 2013”

  1. Well I personally felt the single-player in 2 was severely lacking. Some really good sections let down by quite a few REALLY bad sections. All intrusive-story-related sections.
    Hopefully they have a competent writer this time or literally just have them say: “Prophet go in and contain the threat in the Nanodome and we’ll not say anything to you until the end of the game. There’s X amount of objectives, have fun.”
    I’d be good with having a game with Crysis’ combat and I’m just going around murdering the hell out of everything for real reason other than for fun.
    I’ve never played the first Crysis’ multiplayer, and I tought as far as CoD clones go 2 did well. I heard it’s a bit like Battlefield, would that be an accurate description?

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