BioWare Announces “Extended Cut” Mass Effect 3 DLC

mass effect 3 extended cut dlc

In a move to placate fans after the uproar about the ending, BioWare has announced that it will be releasing a free “Extended Cut” DLC for Mass Effect 3 this summer. No specific date beyond the season has been announced, but the DLC will offer additional scenes that the developer hopes will help clarify the end of Shepard’s journey.

The Extended Cut DLC will not change the ending to the game but rather will contain “additional cinematics and epilogue scenes” which will be tacked on to the existing ending, according to a post on the BioWare Blog. The author of this post for BioWare was very cut and dry about the motivations behind the Extended Cut DLC as well:

So there you have it. Are we proud of the game we made and the team that made it? Hell yes. Are we going to change the ending of the game? No. Do we appreciate the passion and listen to the feedback delivered to us by our fans? Very much so and we are responding.

This DLC has apparently been re-prioritized by the staff at BioWare to help address the problems people have with the ending of the game. Will this satisfy the “Retake Mass Effect” people? What do you guys think about the Extended Cut? Is BioWare making the right move?

Source – BioWare Blog

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3 thoughts on “BioWare Announces “Extended Cut” Mass Effect 3 DLC”

  1. As someone who has been vocally against the ending, I don’t know what to make of this. I’m neither happy or mad, and I probably won’t be able to decide until the I get done with the DLC.

  2. It’s a cool idea. I myself had no major problems with the ending, and I’m very happy to hear that they aren’t changing it. I think the “Indoctrination Theory” that people have been tossing around is a really cool idea, but I feel that it may be trying a little too hard to explain it, but it’s still very possible. I’m intrigued to find out what they’re going to add.

  3. I think it’ll be nice to have a more in depth ending, but I didn’t mind the ending. The whole game was really a series of endings, as the Bioware people have said and I wholly agree with. You see every minor story arc end with each character throughout the game, if they live. Only thing I missed was not seeing what happened to Garrus and the other members of my team who were on the ground with me in London.

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