The Game That Won’t Die: Battlefront 3 Footage Surfaces

At this point, Star Wars: Battlefront 3 is the Highlander of video games. Or the Dracula, if you think the franchise is a soul-sucking waste of pixelated space. Rumored to have been canceled in 2008, the specter of Battlefront 3 continues to haunt the Internet, with concept art and dark tales springing up from the most random of places.

Personally, I was a rabid fan of Battlefront 2, so every time one of these stories surfaces, I feel a mix of both pain and excitement. Excitement at the idea that maybe the game isn’t dead, just in hiding like Yoda, waiting to be released by some secretive developer. I feel pain because I know the world isn’t always that perfect and likes to crush my dreams.

So, it’s with a mix of those feelings that I post some supposedly uncovered footage of Battlefront 3 alpha gameplay, shot off-screen from an early PC build in 2008. Man, this brings back memories of some epic space battles, and heroic moments that involved mowing opponents down with a lightsaber.

The coolest part of the footage was leaving a base on the surface of a planet and flying all the way to a spaceship in orbit. Seriously, if anyone out there is a part of making this game a reality I will kiss you on the mouth. Any other Sushi-ans as big of a fan of this franchise as I was?

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4 thoughts on “The Game That Won’t Die: Battlefront 3 Footage Surfaces”

  1. Damn. I almost wish this never surfaced, I had just about accepted that Id never play this game. Now I need to, I dont even care if its one map and downloadable.

  2. I want to believe. But I’m not getting my hopes up again. The graphics look like something from the PS2/XBOX days.

    Someone of authority better confirm or debunk this soon. It’ll drive me crazy.

  3. I painfully wish that this game would happen. Battlefront 2 was fantastic. SO many countless hours playing after school with my friend on multiplayer or running through the campaign. I REALLY HOPE that these rumors are legit. Star Wars is timeless.

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