The GamerSushi Show, Episode 44: Mass Cast

Hey dudes, we are back from outer space, here to bring you our thoughts on BioWare’s space opera trilogy ending Mass Effect 3. We’re unfortunately beardless this week, but Eddy, Anthony, Jeff and myself wax philosophic about everything from story beats to the multiplayer, the ending controversy and the ending itself.

There’s no Six Minutes with Resident Evil 6 or a game this week, so I hope that an hour and a half of straight up Mass Effect is good enough to tide you over. Eddy hadn’t finished the game when we recorded, so he dropped out for the ending talk. When you hear Harbinger for the second time, that’s when we launch into the discussion. There was also a technical issue with both Jeff and Eddy’s mics, and the way the cast is recorded means these sorts of problems are hard to rectify. Jeff fixed his junk for the ending talk, but for the first half of the show he is super quiet.

Technical problems aside, the cast is super sweet so I hope you enjoy. If you guys could also rate the cast that would be boss. Enjoy!

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  1. Ughhhh why am I all echoes?!

    It’s extremely disappointing that I wasn’t done with the game when we did this, because I finished it 2 days later and then wanted to talk with everybody about it.

  2. My “technical issue” was that I was in a hurry and pointed the mic the wrong direction, but didn’t realize it until we stopped…


  3. I can’t listen to this until I’ve completed ME3 :'(
    At least I’m not missing any RE6 stuff though.

  4. Great Podcast, Gents. I really enjoyed listening to the discussion and hearing the differences in each other’s gameplay experience with ME3. Particularily, the differnces in how the game unfolds for you depending on your choices and what some had experienced and others did not. I think it clearly shows that the scope and diversity in this game is remarkable.

    For me, Mass Effect (the trilogy) was a story about character interactions and development. I loved seeing how the lives of people I knew had changed as a result of my decisions. I guess the only complaint I really have is that I wanted to meet more new people for my squad, mostly just to interact with them more (cuz I pretty much always took EDI and Liara with me on my missions).

  5. Loved every second of the podcast guys. One of my favorite things about the GS podcast is that I find myself debating, agreeing, and disagreeing with you guys as you talk internally (or out loud if I’m in my car). I made some mental notes on stuff to comment on that you guys talked about (SPOILERS)

    -Ashley Hate: What’s up with the Ashley hate? I’ve heard a good amount of people talk bad about her, but I think if you talk to her she’s a really interesting character. After having her as a love interest in ME1 and having her come back in ME3 to have her face smashed in roped me back in to her side (from Miranda no less). A moment that struck me about how great the ME series is is when I went to go see her at the hospital, and I stopped at a store that sold books. I noticed that one of the books was poetry by Tennyson, which I remembered was Ash’s favorite. When I went to visit her, Shepard actually gave her the book. Crazy how I remember a video game character I met (met?) back in 2007’s favorite kind of poetry. Another was when she threw Miranda in my face (uh oh) and we actually had a natural feeling fight, where she said that “I wear armor into battle, she wears a swimsuit!” and then I yelled at her for abandoning me at Horizon. Great stuff.

    -James Hate: I thought I would hate this character, and while I still don’t particularly care for his design, I really like him. Freddy Prinze did I great job making me care about someone I thought would be a meathead.

    -Lack of new interesting party members: I think Bioware intentionally did this since we already had a cast of characters we cared so much about, so they focused on strengthening our existing relationships with them (Liara’s data entry moment, Shep and Garrus’ bro moment in the Presidium).

    -Misty eyes: Eddy, you’re not alone. Here’s a list of my misty eye moments (man I feel like a wimp): Mordin Death, Thane Death, Ashley in hospital/face smash, Garrus’ “Heaven’s Bar” speech, Anderson’s death. Hell I might have even missed some.

    -Happy ending: Just wanted to clarify, those upset about the ending (most of them anyway) don’t want a Disney/Star Wars happy ending :).

    -The quest system and laziness: If you read Geoff Keighley’s outstanding The Final Hours of Mass Effect 3, you kinda get the sense that Bioware was under tremendous stress to meet their deadline and that EA was kind of rushing them. Casey Hudson mentions how they had to cut things from the game to meet the deadline (a planned mission on Palaven, a Prothean squad member). After reading it it seems to me that the quest system is the way it is not because of laziness, but because they had to sort of triage what was most important to get in the game, and the quest system got the axe.

    -The ending: Indoctrination. That is all.

  6. Hey guys just finished the listining in to the podcast and I think I got an answer to the “why don’t the reapers turn off the mass relays in ME3” question and my own theory on the ending. (SOME ME1/ME2/ME3 SPOILERS SO HERE IS A SPOILER WARRNING)

    In ME1 Vigil tells you that the reapers send a signal to the keepers to open the Citadle mass relay and turn off the othe mass relays since the protians blocked the signal thats why the reapers can’t control the mass relays,that is why the reaper in ME1 launched the assult on the citadle.

    My own theory on the ending I like to call the Terminator-Inception theory. Basicly the reapers are trying to prevent the creation of a “Good” AI/an AI that does not want to kill all organics and actually understands them ie EDI or the Terminator from T2JD. And that then end part was a reaper or a good AI playing a simulation to shepered via the cybernetic implants shepered has like the David Vi hybrid did in the operation Overlord DLC.

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