The Banner Saga: A New Kickstarter Challenger

Although it’s already starting to become cliche just how many people are using Kickstarter to fund any damn thing in the world (why do people need $30,000 to produce a podcast – seriously), every now and then a project will rise above all the noise and show us something very cool.

On the heels of Double Fine’s Adventure game, The Banner Saga, by Stoic, promises us a Strategy RPG title, made by industry veterans, which happens to feature a mature story and some truly breathtaking art. Seriously, just the visuals alone were enough to sell me on the project, before even reading any of the impressive facts about it. I’ll let you watch the trailer.

The game is scheduled for release in June 2012, and just $10 nets you Chapter 1 of the game. I have to say, the whole thing really has impressed me, and I’ll probably be throwing some support their way – plus, it’s based in Texas, which is awesome.

What are your guys’ thoughts on The Banner Saga? How do you feel about the new fad of putting everything on Kickstarter? Go!

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5 thoughts on “The Banner Saga: A New Kickstarter Challenger”

  1. I. Want. This. And I’m happy to support this independent group. They’re former leads on The Old Republic, so they know what they doing. For Great Justice.

    Seriously, this looks cool, and it’s been too long since I’ve seen such beautiful animation and such a truly mature storyline. I am eksight.

  2. EDIT

    Stoic, the folks who are making Banner Saga, are backing Wasteland 2 by Brian Fargo and team.

    That’s right. WASTELAND 2.

  3. So beautiful. ;.;
    I really want that game, and thus, I have pledged some cash. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Eddy.

  4. The internet has found my weak spot – all these ways of supporting independent devs through kickstarter campaigns, indie bundles, and the like are starting to add up to some damage to my wallet. That said…I’m loving this trend so far, and finding it completely irresistible. Don’t know if Banner Saga is 100% my cup of tea, but I’ll definitely contribute.

  5. Im sold on just the trailer alone. Ill try and donate what I can next month, that looks to be awesome.

    Austin TX too!! Man I really wish I could donate $5K. I would in a heartbeat if I could.

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