Borderlands 2 Promises Pimped-Out PC Version

borderlands 2 pc version

If you’re like me and you played the original Borderlands on the PC then you were probably disappointed by how much the game reeked of “console-itis”. The signs of a hasty port were everywhere and the game suffered for it. With a new Borderlands on the horizon, Gearbox decided to kick their PC support into overdrive and threw up a love-letter from everybody’s favorite (sarcasm) robot Claptrap, listing the features that will be in the PC version of Borderlands 2.

While this is a very nice gesture on behalf of Gearbox (and I hope they carry all this over to their other release this year, Aliens: Colonial Marines) it just strikes me as how odd it is that features that should be included on the PC SKUs of games like FOV sliders and offline LAN support are now considered to be extras by the developers. If anything demonstrates how far down the chain PC gaming is in terms of priority these days, it’s this.

Sure, a lot of the items on the list are things that PC gamers take for granted, but we just don’t get that kind of support these days. Usually these things are added in by mods, so at least Gearbox is taking the time to add that to the game.

What do you guys think of Borderland 2’s promised PC version? Does it get your engine running? What do you think of these features now being considered “bonuses” of a kind? Go!

Source – Borderlands 2 website

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4 thoughts on “Borderlands 2 Promises Pimped-Out PC Version”

  1. It annoys me too that these features are considered something special instead of coming as standard. That said, I’m really pleased with all the attention they are giving the PC version and I’m really hoping they deliver fully on their promises.

    Or, keeping with the love letter theme: Borderlands has hurt me before and whilst this letter is a nice gesture It’s going to need to deliver on some of its promises before I will come back.

  2. It’s nice that they are being included and everything but it is kind of sad that what should be standard PC options are now extra options that we should praise people for adding to their games.

    Saying that i wouldn’t mind seeing the PC UI compared to console. Still a day one purchase for me so far.

  3. Things like this make you know that damn near every game now is a console port to PC. These things should be standard on PC. No exceptions. The fact that these are “bonuses” and we should be glad that they’re adding these things in shows that developers really don’t care about their PC audience anymore. Or, care just enough to get the disappointed ones to buy their game.

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