First Halo 4 ViDoc Shows the New Chief and Multiplayer

Microsoft’s internal Halo studio, 343 Industries, just released the first developer documentary for this fall’s Halo 4. I know that just yesterday I posted about avoiding the gaming hype cycle, but this is our first full look at the new Master Chief and the visual direction of Halo 4 as well as a peek at multiplayer. While I expect that we’ll be seeing one of these a month until launch (at least), getting our eyes on the Chief’s new suit is worth it.

Halo 4 definitely has its own style going for it and the Chief seems to have undergone a major revision since we last saw him in Halo 3. One of 343’s talking points is that they wanted the Mjolnir armor to feel like part tank and part fighter jet, sleek yet imposing. I’m also really digging the design of the Spartan IVs that we’ll be controlling in multiplayer. The whole new look also comes off as very “Mass Effect” to me with the segmented armor plates and carbon fiber patterns. What do you guys think of our first look at Halo 4? Feeling the stirrings of desire? Can 343 actually pull this off?

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3 thoughts on “First Halo 4 ViDoc Shows the New Chief and Multiplayer”

  1. I have cautious optimism but while watching this I felt genuine excitement. It feels like they’re really trying to carve out their own interpretation of Halo and try something new, which is drastically needed for the franchise to succeed with this new trilogy.

  2. Im being VERY VERY skeptical about all of this and not letting any hype get to me because I think they are venturing into very dangerous territory in terms of a game series. I dont really like the idea of a Halo 4, so Im still not letting what they showed me make any really big impressions on my mind, seeing as how its very incomplete. As for one thing I noticed when I saw this this morning, Im very glad that it looks like they are returning to Halo 3 rather than just building on Reach and its engine and weapon set. Im hoping they stick more with a Halo 3-esque kind of weapon set and play style rather than Reach. I was very disappointed when Halo CE Aniv was based almost entirely on Reach and not staying true to the actual halo CE. Id like to confirm that 4 is going to be more based on 3 and want to know more about the story before I pass much judgment. Its also nice to know that they are going to try and freshen up multiplayer maps.

    1. Yeah, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, the stuff they showed looks great. On the other, the gist I got from them talking is that they’re changing a lot of stuff arbitrarily. On top of that, I’m not sure a brand new threat is all that interesting – to me one of the greatest things about the Halo universe is the Covenant and everything surrounding them as humanity’s enemies.

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