The GamerSushi Show, Episode 43: Shut Up and Take My Money

Sup fools and lady fools. It is I, your friendly Canadian taking over the podcast posting duties for our esteemed Editor who is indisposed with lots of “real life stuff”. It’s kind of sad how busy Eddy is; he’s only played four hours of Mass Effect 3.

Anyways, on this, the 43 episode of the GamerSushi Show, the crew (minus Eddy) chats about a variety of topics, including the then-new Assassin’s Creed 3 reveal. We went into that discussion blind but we managed to nail a lot of the game’s features and mechanics just through some fancy guesswork (like the Frontier being a location for the game and the ability to climb trees). We’re kind of awesome like that.

We also talk about Twisted Metal, Anthony getting an iPhone, mech games and a whole bunch of other stuff. We even find time to fit in a game of Percentages between all of our nerdy ramblings.

You know the deal, guys. Listen, rate a thing, and enjoy. Just a head’s up, we’re on a one week break due to Mass Effect 3, but we’ll be back soon.

0:00-5:10: Intro
5:12-11:12: Six Minutes with RE6
13:00-22:00: Twisted Metal
22:01-25:07: Hawken and Mech revivals
25:08-30:35: Anthony got an iPhone
30:40-41:00: Assassin’s Creed 3
41:01-44:35: Going back to old games
44:38-45:41: GAME TIME
45:42-57:22 Mass Effect 3 boycott
57:25-1:07:18: Will the PS Vita succeed
1:07:20-1:14:28: Killzone 3 goes FTP
1:14:30-1:17:38: Extro

Written by Twitter: @mi7ch Gamertag: Lubeius PSN ID: Lubeius SteamID: Mister_L Origin/EA:Lube182 Currently Playing: PUBG, Rainbow 6: Siege, Assassin's Creed: Origins, Total War: Warhammer 2

4 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Episode 43: Shut Up and Take My Money”

  1. Good stuff as usual, it’s weird the podcast had an usual fluidity to it with less breakage and use of the word “nice”…

  2. The E-Dorian chords from Halo 3 work well as an alarm for the Resident Evil discussion.

    The Alert Noise from Metal Gear would work too.

    I use it as my alert for when I get a text message, but my coworkers who played the game religiously hate it. They seem to have been conditioned with a Pavlovian response of sudden heightened stress when they hear that sound.

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