Poll: Most Anticipated March Release?

We are finally starting to get into the time of year when some of the big ones are coming out. I hope you’ve cleared your backlog (God knows I haven’t) because things are about to get a little hairy. This month brings my most anticipated game of the year, a little title called Mass Effect 3. I’ve avoided spoilers, I’ve got my save files from the previous two games backed up and I am ready to save Earth by being the biggest douche in the universe.

There are plenty of other games coming out this month, if space epics aren’t your thing. Some of the games being released this month have slipped under the radar. When I was compiling this list, I was shocked to discover that Street Fighter X Tekken drops the same day as Mass Effect 3. Counter-progamming or suicide? You make the call!

So check the poll below and let us know what game this month you are most looking forward to. I don’t think we will see a surprise winner this month, but you never know. VOTE NOW!

Most Anticipated March Release?

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7 thoughts on “Poll: Most Anticipated March Release?”

  1. There still hasn’t been anything this year that interests me although with the absolute onslaught of games in the last few months of 2011 I’m not complaining.

  2. Mass Effect 3 in a landslide. I cannot believe how excited I am for this game. I also cannot believe how long I’ve managed to stay away from any spoilers, although its been getting harder as we get close to release. Got all my saves in order, been checking them again in the last week just to makes sure I’ve got all the DLC and such finished up as well.

    Bring on the 9th of March.

  3. I always like thinking differently than the “mainstream” on these polls. Not this time, though. ME3 all the way.

    Picked up the new Xbox (RIP RRoD’d original) and the HD transfer cable. Now just waiting for Friday.

    If this was a “Most Anticipated March Media Release”, though, ME3 might have a fight with the Game of Thrones Season 1 Blu-Ray hitting shelves on Tuesday.

  4. Also, as if ME3 wasn’t going to take enough of my time, Eurogamer just posted a retrospective of the Baldur’s Gate games, in which I learned that I’ve never played either one. What I did play was the Dark Alliance games on console. Here’s some more money, BioWare!

  5. WTF? There’s games OTHER than Mass Effect 3 coming out this month? I looked at that list and had no idea they were even close to release yet!

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