The GamerSushi Show, Episode 42: My Videogame Girlfriend

Welcome back to the GamerSushi Show, ladies and gents. Due to some scheduling and life stuff, we’ve gotten a tad behind on releases, so this episode was recorded a few weeks back – on Anthony’s birthday, no less. Because of that, Mr. Taylor skipped out to go celebrate getting a year closer to death, while the rest of us drank things and talked about video games.

The main topics we discussed were the Mass Effect 3 demo, fixing the Zelda franchise and great endings. Beyond that, we play a game of Buy/Sell about topics like Team Ninja, Apple gaming and more – all of which result in my inevitable and recurring victory, as always.

Listen up! Rate! Be merry!

0:00-7:35 Intro
7:35-13:35: Six Minutes with RE6
13:35-30:00: Saving Zelda
30:00-37:37: Best Endings Ever
37:37-56:16: ME3 Demo
56:16-59:43: ME3 in Space
59:43-1:01:09: GAME TIME
1:01:10-1:05:00: Team Ninja
1:06:10-1:11:50: The Platforms are Too Damn High
1:13:00-1:17:50: Xbox 720 Touchscreen
1:19:00:1:18:15 Extro

The Big Question: Would you buy/sell on these topics? What are your thoughts on the ME3 Demo? Go!

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5 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Episode 42: My Videogame Girlfriend”

  1. Eddy, get Gaming Headphones. Honestly, if you want good headphones for gaming, get Astros. They will go and plug into anything. ANYTHING. With a mixamp that allows for MORE volume control, its way better than anything else out there. I got the BXR in Green edition. You can also see some custom tags made for my gamertag by my girlfriend on my facebook.

    Also Sennheiser DOES make gaming headsets. My friend played MLG for Halo 2 and 3, he used Sennheisers for a while but always used a pair of A40s. Check them out.

    If the 720 or whatever it is called has a touchscreen, I am going to be super disappointed. They dont even need to put that into a controller.

  2. I loved the beginning of ME3… (nice bit at the end, that gave me chills while playing it)

  3. Yay for walking to work while listening to a three month old podcast and hearing your screen name getting said by Eddy 😀

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