Borderlands 2 Trailer is 96.5 Percent More WUBWUB

Borderlands was a really interesting game when it came out, a hybrid of RPG, FPS and open-world game with a good bit of loot-craziness thrown in. Even with bajillions of guns, there were a few issues with the game, most notably the somewhat stale environments (would you like desert, garbage dump, or garbage dump in the desert?) and the most nonsensical ending in the history of video games. Secret robot assassins aside, Borderlands did well enough to warrant a sequel and the release date trailer dropped today, revealing the four main characters and adding a bit of the old dubstep.

Borderlands 2 is looking really fun, and if you put WUB WUB over anything there’s a good chance I’ll buy it. The new characters look pretty neat, and the enemy variety looks like it has expanded beyond skags and bandits. Color me excited, which I believe in loot parlance is purple. What say you? Does this trailer catch your fancy? Borderlands 2 launches September 18 in the US and the 21 in the rest of the world.

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8 thoughts on “Borderlands 2 Trailer is 96.5 Percent More WUBWUB”

  1. Cliffy B-boy is crying.

    Borderlands was fun but it was pretty forgettable. If I can get a friend to do co-op with me this time I think there’s a chance I’ll play it.

  2. I played through 95% of the first one in single player and still had a blast. Hopefully I’ll get more co-op out of this one but I’m still sold. I’m probably going to roll with Zero or Maya (played as Lilith in the first), who’s everyone else going to pick?

    All seriousness, I am so damn excited. I loved the first Borderlands and I’m sure this will be a great game. I mean, look at it! 😀
    Just out of curiosity, did anyone realise just how different all of those weapons looked? The best bits of that trailer just had to be seeing completely unique designs rather than SMG with a Scope or SMG without a scope but with a higher rate of fire. Gah, Gun-Nut hype overload!

  4. I loved the first Borderlands a lot, quite a fair bit of loot. I’m definitely sold on buying this since I heard way before this trailer that they were going for a second. I’m quite excited to see how this one plays out

  5. This was just sort of on my radar, since I liked Borderlands but a few things kept me from loving it, but now I’m really thinking about getting it. The trailer was extremely well done, not to mention really funny (I busted up laughing at the WUB WUB part). And Julez, why is Cliff B crying?

  6. @supernovaforce: I’d likely play as Zero as well.

    @Drell Assassin: Because the trailer was pretty ‘Dude Bro’. Cliffy would wish he had done it first =D.

  7. I had a hell of a time with the original Borderlands and the DLC. The game had excellent writing. From the trailer, it’s clear they’re cranking everything up for this. I just wish it wasn’t just a bunch of clips put together.

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