Poll: What’s Your Preferred Class?

Look, guys, I’m really sorry, but this is going to be another Mass Effect 3 inspired post. If you read this and rolled your eyes, turn around now. If you’re still reading, I thank you for your patience, and yes, I do know the difference between “best” and “important”.

Last night during the GamerSushi crew’s routine dip into the ME3 multiplayer demo, I did something outside the norm and tried out the Engineer, one of the more “support” oriented classes. My main character is a Vanguard so going from damage-dealer to backup felt a little odd at first but once I made the transition in styles it felt really good. Overload is an essential addition to any party, so if you’re lacking an Engineer in your squad, get one ASAP (the drone is also really useful for taking out shield-weilding Cerberus troopers).

Normally I go for the “DPS” (or deeps as the kids say) build and never touch support, but Mass Effect 3 changed that for me, so much so that Engineer will be my primary in the final product. So what about you guys? What class do you roll?

What's Your Preferred Class?

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10 thoughts on “Poll: What’s Your Preferred Class?”

  1. Support. I have a mild case of OCD, so I always need to see everyone’s health at 99% (100% is too mainstream, and implies that some healing went to waste). Plus, if a game has neat status effects or boons / hexes, it makes for more strategy in combat and thus more fun. I enjoy seeing what the game has to offer other than just straight up violence.

  2. I play Sentinel all the way! Which is odd because I’ve only ever played as Adept in ME1 and 2. I guess I should really be more support, but I go damage dealing mage (basically) with throw and warp. I’d really like a good Engy teammate, though.

  3. Lone Wolf/Infiltrator aka Overwatch
    Weapon Loadout: Sniper Rifle (No secondary)
    Current Cooldown Bonus (Due to no secondary): 25%

    The Demo is awesome. I provide overwatch from whatever high ground is available. There’s one in Firebase White adjacent to the landing pad which is where I prefer to start. Firebase Ghost has a better elevated position, but it’s on the farside of the map’s spawn point.

    I’m usually the last man to fall because if the enemy tries to close in on me, I’ll just stealth and backstab if they’re alone or completely bug out if there’s a whole squad.

    My friends and I have managed to find a balance with two Vangaurds and a Soldier taking point. Once they were disabling a Cerberus terminal on the landing pad when a Cerberus Phantom (Ninja/Adept) started slicing into them. Someone started shouting “SHOOT HER!!!” a la Jurassic Park when I managed a stealthed headshot. Good times are coming, people.

  4. I picked support because I like helping out the team. I will play whatever the team needs, In TF2 I always choose a class that has the fewest people playing it. It’s worked out quite well because I am now pretty good at everything instead of being great at one thing and terrible at everything else.

  5. Me too but I consintrate on support roles/or I just play any role in a supportive way ie spoting for people, knocking bad guys out of cover so people can get a clean shot, hold the bad guys at bay so me team can get the objective finished.

    The Quarian Engineer is awsome, I use the sentrey turret to guard my teams blind side and areas where one person needs to hack a terminal. A good way to use the turret is to deploy it near someone who goes down this provied cover for the person/you trying to heal the teammate and gives you a few seconds more because the enemy is now dealing with a turret and not curb stomping your friend. Also Cryo FTW! Just hit an badguy with that and let them ice over this leaves them wide open for an easy sniper shot, vanguard biotic charge,a concussion shot, or a fully powered melee attack and watch the frozen bits fly.

  6. I like tanking in co-op games. I don’t mind being everyones punching bag (I look out for the little guy) as long as I can deal some damage too. That’s what I liked about the Soldier in ME2: Combine it with Geth Shielding and you’re an unstoppable tank/DPS hybrid character. It’s literally the ONLY way to play on Insanity.
    Cant wait to play ME3’s demo now!

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