The GamerSushi Show, Ep 41: ‘I’ for I Don’t Care

Welcome, friends, to Episode 41 of the GamerSushi Show, in which we say silly things about video games. As opposed to the rest of our podcasts, which are only super srs in nature. This thing was actually recorded all the way back on February 9, so you can listen to it with amusement and think about how wrong and naive we were all those weeks ago. Oh, the things we’ve learned since then. The places we’ve been. The games we’ve played. It was a different time.

Anyway, you’ll hear a couple of the technical difficulties that we had throughout this cast. Namely, that our Internet connections were goofing with the Skype call, making us sounds like robots every now and then. In addition, I had nearly a whole bottle of wine throughout the recording, so I just gradually transform into a troll over the course of it.

When we’re not robots, however, you’ll notice a number of sweet gaming topics, which range from Kingdoms of Amalur to the Double Fine Kickstarter to Final Fantasy XIII-2 and more. After all that, we play a game of grades in which we act all high and mighty about the whole industry. True story.

So yeah, check it out, everyone. And don’t forget to rate!

00:00:25 Intro
00:04:41 Six mins w/ RE6
00:10:57 Double Fine Kickstarter
00:35:13 Kingdoms of Amalur
00:46:09 Final Fantasy XIII-2
01:06:07 Gametime!
01:06:35 Grades: Activision/Hasbro teaming up on Battleship the Game
01:11:24 Grade: FF Creator saying HD graphics are excessive
01:20:55 Grade: EA’s battleplan to release more military shooters
01:31:31 Outro

The Big Question: What grades would you give to these issues? Have any of you played Kingdoms of Amalur? Did you support the Double Fine Kickstarter, which is now at 2 million bucks? Go!

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4 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 41: ‘I’ for I Don’t Care”

  1. Well it looks like this is my farewell to Gamersushi. Its been fun guys, but I won’t be playing RE6, unless they release a PC version. Also, is this a bad time to mention I haven’t played ANY Resident Evil game? Oh ok, I’ll show myself out.

    I know the Extra Credits team had a RocketHub donation page when their artist need shoulder surgery. They were asking for $15,000 over 60 days and raised just over $100,000 in a week or so. I think it was close to 700% funded. Just for comparison’s sake.

    “Best JRPG I’ve played in years” – I’ve not played FFXIII-2, but just wait for Xenoblade… I really need to stop hyping this game to you guys.

    First time I’ve had a chance to just sit down and listen to a podcast right through for a while. They are as good as ever. Great job guys

  2. Great cast, as always…first time since the glorious return that I’ve managed to listen to the whole thing before a new cast has come along. The whole bathwater bit totally killed me for some reason. Unfortunately, I was attempting to eat some Whataburger while freeway driving at the time. Lesson learned: do not listen to the podcast while driving like an idiot. Or maybe just avoid that latter part.

    As previously mentioned, I’m just a tiny bit excited about Double Fine Adventure, in that every-fibre-of-my-being sort of way. The just-announced expanded rewards are only throwing fuel on the fire. We won’t even speak of the half-hour Ron Gilbert/Tim Schafer discussion they just posted – it required actual physical effort not to squeal like a teenage girl at my desk.

    As for the rest – avoiding Amalur like the plague, looking forward to some XIII-2 at some distant future point, vaguely interested in the whole RE6 deal even though I haven’t touched the franchise since the hour I spent utterly failing at RE4.

    Overall, I give this cast an F. For Fantastic!

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