Mass Effect 3: To Demo or not to Demo?

ME 3 Demo

I’ve got mixed feelings on demos these days. On the one hand, the impatient, spoiler-hunting, flip-to-the-end-of-the-book part of me (I’ve done that a couple of times, yes) loves getting a glimpse at a game that I’ve been anticipating. It’s like getting just a bit of cool refreshment in the middle of a ridiculous Texas summer. And if you know what that feels like, it is damn heavenly – at least until the oppressive heat crushes and suffocates you again. On the other hand, the more sensible part of me knows that demos only rile me up and leave me wanting more. And then there’s the mutant third hand, which likes trying out games that I’m on the fence about – but we’re going to ignore him for now.

While tomorrow might be Valentine’s Day for many lucky gamers out there, it’s a monumental day for yet another reason — the Mass Effect 3 demo hits. Now, while I normally try to avoid demos for games that I’ve already pre-ordered and am sure to enjoy, I just stinking love Mass Effect and have been dying to experience 3. Even though the game comes out in just a short month, I still want to get my hands on it as much as possible right now, particularly to experience some of the multiplayer. I also happened to receive a demo code to download it early, so it might be queued up on XBox Live, even as I type this…

My question to you dudes, is this: how do you feel about demos for games you’ve already pre-ordered? Do you not wish to spoil the experience at all, waiting until the moment the game is out to truly play it for the first time? Or do you want a taste as soon as possible? Go!

And by the way, if you haven’t seen the incredible FemShep trailer yet – go do that, too. I’ll wait.

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6 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3: To Demo or not to Demo?”

  1. No matter how hard I try to not spoil something I always do in the end somehow. Honestly I dont think anyone could resist a demo like this, Whoever has the will power to wait is a true badass Amurrrican. After literally just beating Mass Effect 2 an hour ago (I couldn’t save everyone….) Im fucking stoked to play it. I really didn’t even know there was a demo until I read this, so Im about to “Jizz in my pants”.

  2. I was lucky to enough to get the ME demo Friday and Mitch… do it. It’s the opening of the game, so nothing really spoilerish, but I tell you it is now one of my favorite intros to a video game ever. Once you get done with the opening, it transfers you to a level that’s a couple hours into the game and I stopped there. Didn’t want to ruin anything. At the very least play the multiplayer, which is an absolute ton of fun.

  3. [quote comment=”18636″]I am Eddy, not Mitch! And yeah I played it and it was pretty cool.[/quote]
    Dammit! That’s twice I’ve done that now, I guess I got mixed up between the Assassin’s Creed article (I always seem to read two GamerSushi articles at once).

  4. I played the demo because I was worried that ME3 would be the game that killed BioWare, but that is not the case. I wanted to have some hope that ME3 wouldn’t be Call of Duty Future Warfare.

    The demo for me was a great thing because for the first time I’m REALLY excited for ME3.

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