GamerSushi Asks: Jamming with Skyrim?

Apparently this is the week where all of our wildest gaming dreams come true. OK, that might be stretching it a bit, but at least a few of our gaming wishes seem to be coming to light. Between Battlefield 3 rumors, Double Fine’s Kickstarter Adventure and Notch talking Psychonauts 2, we’ve got kind of a lot of things worth salivating over. But that’s not all!

You see, DICE 2012 is underway right now, featuring a number of sessions from well known people in the field of interactive entertainment, including none other than Skyrim boss Todd Howard himself. Last night, Todd Howard gave Skyrim fans the world over a bit of a tease, something to get their heads spinning as we look forward to future DLC.

The Skyrim Game Jam is a week-long project where developers at Bethesda were challenged to come up with and implement one feature that they’d love to see in the enormous open-world RPG. While Howard cautioned that some of these things are just tests and might not ever see an actual release, the possibilities are enough to keep people excited about where the game could possibly go. Howard showed a reel which boasted all the things that the developers came up with in just one week’s time, ranging from mounted dragons (!) to seasonally changing foliage. Go ahead, see for yourself.

Although this power gets abused quite a bit, it’s still pretty cool that we live in a time where developers can retroactively incorporate fresh new additions to gameplay that might need some polishing. So my question to you guys is this: which of these features would you actually want to see in the final game? Also, if you could add a reel of features like this to any other game, what would you do? Go!

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5 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Jamming with Skyrim?”

  1. Holy shit..Giant Mudcrab. Oh….And a useful kinect feature, pretty sweet. I honestly can say I do find myself saying the shouts before I do them. I love everything I’ve seen here, this….is….beautiful!

  2. I love how they’ve embraced the “Arrow in the knee” meme. Kudos Bethesda. I expect TES:VI to have the guards say something JUST as funny.
    Those were all really cool ideas and I wish that game designers got this level of freedom on a far more regular basis. Think how awesome those features would have been in the game.

  3. It’s so awesome to see people in a fun industry go back to just having fun. Today (yesterday) I saw Skyrim on sale for 33% on Steam. But they were also showing the Workshop stuff and it was great to browse through the Mods. Made me extra excited to play through the game again!

  4. Kill cams for magic and ranged weps would be awesome, but I think it should be togglable. (That even a word?) The water shader should go in, Im sure it will. Seasons, would love to see that. Spears, I am not so much a fan of, but Im sure lots of Morrowind fans would love that. The stealth increases….that would be SICK, def would love to see that one in there. The moving water and mechanisms in dungeons would also be a huge plus to expanding how dynamic the game world is. Same with dark dungeons, there are mods just for that kind of lighting, would be great to see in some dungeons. OK…beyond that, that got crazy fast. Home building, I would love for them to make it simple(er) (though the creation kit would allow for far more customization) but we do have tools for that already. Next one I think worth mentioning, mounted combat has been asked for for a long time, that would be perfect. Dragon mount…no, moving on. Magic arrows, yes please. The ambient occlusion, been part of mods for a LONG time. In oblivion, they had mods that let windows in interiors reflect the weather outside. This would be HUGE.

    Most of those, I can see going into the game with no problem. Some of them, I would rather not see though. Things like the vampire stuff, the “epic mounts”, goblins, and dragon mount are just a no-go for me. If I could put this kind of feature on another game, I think I would have to go with any modern FPS. It would be interesting to see what devs believe would be cool to place into games. Who knows, you may see ideas that really change how we view and play and FPS.

  5. SPEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAARS!!! And one-handed & throwable Javelins, too! And maybe some Flag Banners, too!

    I really like the Spell Combination. I thought that was going to be in the game at first, so I’d really like to see it now.

    And Lycanthropy would be an awesome addition because you could overcome the Werewolf within. Maybe the earlier perks is that you can get a good night sleep.

    Finally, GIANT ENEMY CRAB. I’d really love to see more huge Epic Monsters to fight in other than Dragons and Giants.

    I AM EKSIGHT! More developers should do crazy things like Game Jam. It works especially well in open world games like Skyrim. They could use a system similar to L4D2’s Mutations where there’s a special mode or library to get these developer and community mods. It’s free DLC and it keeps you hooked!

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