Skyrim Creation Kit Trailer Is Good News for Mod Community

I think this is what Skyrim players have been waiting for. Or at least, the PC Skyrim players have been waiting for this. That’s right, it seems the mod community has a huge reason to celebrate with the release of a new video from Bethesda which details the Skyrim Creation Kit. Like the tool set from Fallout and Oblivion before it, the Creation Kit gives modders all the same features that the developers had at their own disposal, which will allow them to create anything from crazy swords to whole campaigns.

What’s really interesting is the integration with Steam, with the ability to subscribe or follow projects that you’re interested in, along with some easy ways to browse and find new content. I could be ignorant of some other games that make good use of this, but I’m a huge fan of the way Valve is making that accessible.

No word on an official release date, although Bethesda says the Creation Kit will be out soon.

Personally, even though I don’t own Skyrim on the PC (although I imagine I’ll grab it at some point just to have it), I’m super excited about this. Even without this kind of huge tool kit, we’ve already seen a number of creative things from the community. Part of that comes because the game just has so much content, but also because the community itself has such a great passion for the game and everything about it.

Any modders out there? Any of you excited about this?

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7 thoughts on “Skyrim Creation Kit Trailer Is Good News for Mod Community”

  1. I think a lot of us here (at least at first) came to GamerSushi because of Leet World, which was of course created in a Mod for Half-Life called Counter-Strike. Modding can be such an incredible thing, and it’s awesome when a community really gets behind it.

    I’m really a “total conversion” kind of guy, when people build full campaigns or at least add missions / areas to games. I don’t really care for custom weapons/cars or lighting + texture packs, although they are also a great thing to add for a lot of people. Just really excited at the potential of such a powerful tool in the hands of creative people with an enormous audience who are all kinds of crazy.

    Oh, and Steam once again shows how F*cking awesome it is.

  2. I was skeptical about Bethesda going with Steam for the game. Right now, I could take or leave the chat/steam options, and the auto updates was nice, but I kept on top of that for Oblivion.

    The way the Creation Kit and the Modding will work with Skyrim, though, makes going with Steam all the worth while. I find that the way they are seamlessly integrating mods with the game to be a BIG plus. The best part, to me, is you can basically always stay up to date on mods. That could get hard to track.

    So I modded all the time in Oblivion, it makes the game worth it. My girlfriend is actually more excited about the Creation Kit than I am, we both have plans on trying out making some of the new features to make some sick nasty homes. I cant wait to see this thing in action.

    Hopefully they will find a way to implement popular, or all, mods to xbox. They HAD been talking about that early on.

  3. I didn’t like this trailer. It was just a bunch of clips of the creation tools with a narrative.

    The only way to beat a joke at my expense, in my experience, is to beat it into the god damn ground.

  4. Being a lazy non-contributing zero, I’m excited for the creation kit solely for the proliferation of excellent mods that this thing will undoubtedly allow for. I do wish I had some time to dabble in some modding, but I don’t know that I’d have the vision to create a great mod.

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