Mass Effect 3: Special Forces Trailer

One of the biggest pieces of news to come out in the last few months has been that of the inclusion of a multiplayer mode in Mass Effect 3. Specifically, a co-op horde mode of sorts that has an actual bearing on the single player game. As is typically the case with the Internet, this news was met with all kinds of hyperbolic reactions – from those complaining that it was going to ruin the main game to others celebrating it without even seeing anything.

Well, now we can expect even more outrageous reactions: Bioware’s released a trailer for Special Forces mode in all its glory, teasing the game’s final release in March and the demo that’s scheduled to drop next month. I have to say, the footage looks a bit more fun than I anticipated – I definitely think the different races/classes are going to mix up the gameplay.

Thoughts, Sushians?

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7 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3: Special Forces Trailer”

  1. Wow that actually looks really fun. I thought it was going to be kind of lame, but this seems like it will be a tight polished experience, reminiscent of Bad Company 2’s Onslaught where there are objectives to accomplish as well as surviving.

    So rolling a turian, although a krogan is very tempting.

  2. Man this has me so excited, it looks like it really has some polish and it just looks flat out fun. And was anyone else surprised when that Turian sniped that guys head off Gears of War style?

  3. That was surprisingly good, very well polished, perhaps that delay from last year was a good move in that regard.

    I must admit i wasn’t very receptive to multiplayer in my Mass Effect but that trailer does make it look good, now only if i had some coop partners for it.

  4. That looks like it will be fun. Might role a human for the concussion shot sometimes you just need to knock ’em right on their asses. The Asari has lift grenades look like the will see alot of use during missions. I really hope that you can customize the armor and wepons that would add to the exsperiance.

  5. I think on a podcast I mentioned that I don’t care about ME3 multiplayer at all…

    Yeah, I retract that statement. This looks crazy hella fun.

    Sign me up Shepard!

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