The GamerSushi Show, Ep 38: Managing Your Assassins in Space

I think we’re going to spoil you guys. Yes, that is now 3 podcasts in a row. And this one is more meme-tastic than most, if you can believe it.

That’s right, much of the beginning of this podcast is about the release of our game of games here at GamerSushi, Resident Evil 6. This is the celebration of all things good and proper, and the end of our time of mourning now that Resident Evil 5 has passed into the annals of gaming yesteryear. So yes, there is much rejoicing. And hopefully you’ll join us as we pave the way for the Game of Our Time.

Besides us going fanboy-tastic on RE6, we also talk about RPGs and choices, Bioshock Infinite and Modern Warfare 3. After all of that, we play a game of Over/Under, where project review scores for the next few months of releases, including Mass Effect 3, Twisted Metal and Final Fantasy XIII-2. As always, I’m right again and win at everything. This should be no surprise by now.

Listen up and enjoy, gents.

00:00:25 Intro
00:03:25 Resident Evil 6
00:14:27 Character Depth in Western RPGs
00:27:27 Bioshock Infinite’s 1999 Mode
00:33:06 Sonic Generations
00:36:37 Modern Warfare 3
00:54:07 Gametime!
00:56:08 Over/Under: Final Fantasy XIII-2
01:02:35 Over/Under: Twisted Metal
01:09:11 Over/Under: Mass Effect 3
01:22:05 Outro

The Big Questions: What would place as the scores for the games we ranked on Over/Under? How do you feel about Resident Evil 6? Go!

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11 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 38: Managing Your Assassins in Space”

  1. [quote comment=”18511″]Whoa.

    This vast amount of podcasts in a short period of time can only mean one thing: Apocalypse.

    Hopefully, Eddy will break the cast again and stop the inevitable.[/quote]

    Great, now it’s definitely happening

  2. Assassin’s Creed multiplayer sounds so damn fun… It makes me think about Spy Party a little bit, which I’m still waiting to come out.

    Funny, While listening to the cast I checked Gamespot and there’s a video (and audio if you prefer) podcast all about SpyParty. Starting it now, and you guys should definitely check it out.

    I haven’t played a RE game since Nemesis, which I loved at the time. I was an adolescent, but many sweet nights were spent in the basement playing that with the lights off. Maybe I’ll give 6 a try.

  3. THis was quite possibly one of the better casts. The giggles are hilarious.


    MW3 – I completely agree with the whole “trying to be GITM” effect.

    BTW, COD kind of sucks now. The multiplayer is garbage now. Its so noob friendly its become….bad. Just bad. Kill Confirmed is ALL I play when I play. They messed up Hardcore through, because they are catering to all the noob cry babies who want to play Rambo vs. Rambo, they decided to make it all Ricochet, which changes the dynamic of the game entirely. Its just too noob friendly. 3 different grenade launchers?!?!?! SERIOUSLY???? I have major beef with it now, BF3 ended up WAY better.

    BTW they also nerrfed stuff. The RPG is the last unlock, but they nerfed it. They nerfed perks like scavenger, and then left exploits out. Right now, the shotguns are getting exploited. They just havent managed it well.

    Fun cast guys!

  4. Great cast guys, I laughed so much. I keep thinking “Wow, that last cast cannot be topped!” And you guys keep proving me wrong. 🙂

  5. Loved the episodes guys, but you might want to work on syncing your audio levels. Some of you were quite loud and some of you were pretty quiet 🙂

  6. [quote comment=”18538″]Loved the episodes guys, but you might want to work on syncing your audio levels. Some of you were quite loud and some of you were pretty quiet :)[/quote]

    Then you’ll LOVE this week’s cast.

    I was too quiet last two weeks so i turned myself up and on ep 39 now I’m too loud.


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