Blizzard Cans BlizzCon 2012, Citing “Jam-Packed Schedule”

no blizzcon 2012

In a move that’s sure to incense Jay Mohr fans the world over, PC gaming giant Blizzard announced today that it will not be holding its annual celebration of its franchises down in Anaheim, California. The convention, which has not missed a year since 2006, is usually the platform Blizzard uses to announce its upcoming projects. With a next-gen MMO rumored to be waiting in the wings, many people had hoped that 2012 would be the year that we would first see “Titan”, but it appears that this isn’t going to be the case.

With a game from each of the company’s major properties hitting this year, Blizzard has said that they’re a little too busy to make BlizzCon 2012 a reality. While this certainly is disappointing, the prospect of seeing not only Diablo 3, but also StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm this year is more than enough to make up for it (there’s some Kung Fu Panda based WoW expansion too, I guess).

Blizzard will still be putting on the Battle.Net World Championship for StarCraft 2, which will take place in Asia closer to the end of the year, so we’re not even going to miss watching StarCraft pros beat the stuffing out of each other.

So what do you guys think of BlizzCon’s 2012 absence? Do you just want to see the games finally be released? Should Blizzard have held their convention, schedule be damned?

Source – Battle.Net

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2 thoughts on “Blizzard Cans BlizzCon 2012, Citing “Jam-Packed Schedule””

  1. I think this is a great move by them. They need to focus on whats important. I know fans are important, but they had tons of those before there even was a con. If they are honest enough to admit to the fact that having a massive con will cut deeply into their development schedule, props to them. I would rather companies put full effort into releasing much anticipated content than on a weekend ordeal. People should understand that the games are more important than the social aspect and will probably agree, its much better overall.

  2. After reading this I began thinking Hey guys maybe Diablo 3 will come out this year, but other than that I’ve nothing else to say. Sean pretty much covered all bases.

    Also i really want Diablo 3 guys i need it more than any other game rumored or is to come out this year.

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