Tiny Tower is the Dumbest Game I Can’t Stop Playing

I don’t know why Jeff gets the rap around here as the iOS game guy, I’m just as guilty as putting as much time into my iPhone as my PC or consoles. Maybe it’s because I play more than two or three of the major triple A titles every year, but I digress.

Recently I’ve become addicted to a game called Tiny Tower made by NimbleBit. It’s actually been out for quite a while but I didn’t check it out until recently. This is one of the benefits of iPhone gaming, in my opinion, there’s not really a rush to get to the newest titles quickly (there are exceptions like Sword and Sworcery and Infinity Blade). Mechanically the game is very similar to Game Dev Story, but instead of running a studio, you build and maintain an apartment/shopping center and stock it with stores for your little “bitizens” to work in. There’s actually very little game here after the opening few hours; aside from a bit of re-stocking every now and then and building new floors, the game is hands-off for most of the time.

So why am I so addicted to it? Part of it is that the game taps into the aspect of my personality that really loves sim titles. Even if Tiny Tower requires very little attention from me, I still like the feeling of running something and micro-managing different aspects of it if I can. Even though the stores you get are random (and fall into different categories like retail, service and food, to name a few) you still need to staff them with bitizens who are good at those types of job, and try to get them into their dream jobs if you can. Another reason I really like Tiny Tower is because the game works on a similar concept to the Achievement noise, as the it will constantly chime at you when it needs to be re-stocked or when something else happens. It’s the definition of Pavlov’s Bell, and I hate it and love it for that. It’s the perfect game to have on your phone because it requires little attention and even when you have it open it only has you doing menial tasks like moving the elevator between floors.

So much of my time is spent glued to my phone because of this game, even though I spend very little of that time actually doing something. Have you guys tried Tiny Tower? Is there a game that you’re addicted to for a stupid reason? Go!

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2 thoughts on “Tiny Tower is the Dumbest Game I Can’t Stop Playing”

  1. Good post Mitch! I actually have a friend who is horribly hooked on it as well. He likes it for about the same reasons as well. He has it on his Droid. I definitely get what makes these type of games incredible addicting. I had that problem with Lemonade Tycoon on for iOS

  2. 2 of my roomates spent a couple months sinking hours into Tiny Tower. I think they actually like competing against each other more than just playing the game. Whether it’s Ninja Fishing or Sky Burger, everyone around here keeps bragging about their respective high scores, like a bunch of geeks at an arcade… Then I get teased for going in my room and playing GunFriends (Counter-Strike).

    I much prefer Cribbage Pro (honestly).

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