Trailer Reveals Resident Evil 6 Coming November 20th

Anyone who has been to this site and listened to our podcasts knows what one of our all-time favorite games is: Resident Evil 5. So it would follow that aside from being the game we always try to mention in every podcast, it is also the game we want to see a sequel to more than almost anything else. Our wish, it seems is coming true, much earlier than expected.

Capcom, rather than following the Square Enix model of announcing a game 6 years before release, has suddenly released a trailer announcing Resident Evil 6 will be hitting stores on November 20th on PS3, 360 and PC. Only 10 months before release. Yes, I’ve already started the countdown. In another in a series of shocks, the trailer shows off some actual gameplay. It has a very epic feel to it and the shooting style that debuted in RE 4 returns.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”310″][/youtube]

Dead Space has set the bar high lately in this genre, do you think Resident Evil 6 can clear it? ¡Mátalo!

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4 thoughts on “Trailer Reveals Resident Evil 6 Coming November 20th”

  1. So, this is a return to Leon and Ashley, among others? Cooool.

    I didn’t play RE5, but I played the fuck out of RE4. This trailer is really epic. The combat loos great; I’m just hoping we can see more of a return to the survival horror aspect while still introducing the engaging gameplay shown in the video. This game could either be a hit or miss, so I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled.

    And in 10 months? I imagine we’ll be seeing more of this at E3 this June.

  2. That diving to the ground and firing looks awesome. I had no problem with the walk/shoot complaint people had for RE5 but I think I saw some walking and aiming.

  3. Well the trailer looked good, and Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City looks good. So I have high hopes for the RE franchise right now. Will be intresting to see how the two games stack up against each other.

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