The GamerSushi Show, Ep 37: Don’t Call it a Come Back

After the long-awaited arrival of last week’s video podcast, many of you expressed your wishes that we not wait so long before the release of the next one. Well, for the first time in my life, I’m afraid I won’t be disappointing all of you – here’s a brand new podcast, fully of shiny gaming stories, GamerSushi memes and all kinds of other wonders.

This podcast brought us the monumental task of trying to recap an entire season’s worth of games, ranging from Bastion all the way to Skyrim. We used this as an excuse to try out a new game, Lightning Round, and I think all of you are going to be happy with the results. It was a nice way to run down a staggering list of games in a way that didn’t take 87 podcasts and two years of our blabbering to cover.

In addition, we played a game of Buy or Sell with a number of industry topics. Like we do. Listen up and enjoy, friends.

00:00:25 Intro
00:05:46 Arkham City
00:12:31 Skyrim
00:22:10 Lightning Round!
00:33:59 Lightning Wrap Up [Infinity Blade/Zelda/Battlefield 3]
00:42:09 Game Time!
00:43:31 Buy or Sell Valve repeating their year over year success for an 8th year
00:48:48 Buy or Sell the Xbox TV delay hurting Xbox’s future
00:57:27 Buy or Sell Kojima’s comments that Japan cannot compete
01:08:31 Outro

This week’s outro song is “Super Mario World Levels” by jwktje on YouTube.

The Big Questions: What did you think of the Lightning Round? Would you buy or sell on these topics? Go!

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4 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 37: Don’t Call it a Come Back”

  1. Mitch, Anthony, rest assured that you are not the only ones who picked flowers for hours, or chased butterflies off cliffs.

    I liked the Lightning Round. Shame that it probably wouldn’t work as a regular feature. You really need to have months worth of stuff saved up for it. Not that thats permission to disappear again 🙂 Maybe you could do it on the E3 podcast, Lightning Round on all the trailers that were shown?

  2. I played a bit of Morrowind, and some of Oblivion, but never finished them and really didn’t enjoy them. I’m also mostly an FPS guy, not really into fantasy generally but Skyrim has completely sucked me in. It’s just that great.

    Sounds like I really need to play Batman… So many games to play and finish…

    Great cast guys.

  3. Is there no way you guys can do some sort of Video Chat with Skype or anything were you could post a video from the computer? Any whom, Im in the same spot as Nick in Arkham. I havent gotten far at ALL. Im surprised that Batman has been such a huge hit with you guys. I need to give it more time before I can really pass judgement. I’ve never played a game like it really, so I have to see how much it will draw me in.

    If they EVER make an MMO of Skyrim, I would not play it. I think that game style would ruin the game. The most you could do is allow for maybe 1-4 players to connect and play in the same ‘server’. I dont even think that would fly. An TES MMO would be a disaster.

    Eddy, BF3 for PC or xBox? If Xbox, lets play mand 😀

    Great cast guys!

  4. I actually just listened to this one after 38 for whatever reason (listening to podcasts out of order? WHAAAT?) and I felt I needed to go back and give a huge thumbs up to whoever edited the podcast (that’s Nick’s job, right?) because the Lightening Round was so enjoyable and the music added to it SO much. Really great job there guys!

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