GamerSushi Votes 2011: Game of the Year

portal 2

We’re at the end of the road for the inaugural edition of GamerSushi Votes and I think it’s gone rather well. We’ve talked the highs and the lows, but now it’s time to put all of our chips on the table and declare once and for all what our favorite game of 2011 is.

There’s no cheating here by saying 2011 didn’t have a Game of the Year, no sir. Each individual vote shall be inscribed upon the great Tablet of GamerSushi with chisel and hammer by Anthony, borne up the Mountain of Souls by Eddy, passed through the Cauldron of the Blaze by myself, given to Jeff and his eagle mount to soar high into the clouds to the Sky Palace of the Beard for Nick’s final approval. Yeah. It’s that important.

Now that you know what fate rests upon your mortal souls, vote! What was your Game of the Year for 2011?

GamerSushi Votes 2011: Game of the Year

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17 thoughts on “GamerSushi Votes 2011: Game of the Year”

  1. Other, The Witcher 2. I loved the first game despite its flaws and I am in adoration with the second. Cd Projekt deserves recognition for creating one of the most morally conflicting, compelling, and well written games of all time. it is up there with HL2 and FF7 to me

  2. Do I really need to type anything? Didn’t think so.

    If I had to go with one of the poll choices I’d go with Skyrim though

  3. I’m with you Cossack! It was a toss up between Deus Ex (because, duh, I waited forever) and Portal 2, but I have just waited way too long for Deus Ex 3 and with all that anticipation I was afraid it would fall flat. It totally delivered.

    Haven’t played Batman yet though… hoping to be blown away, since Asylum didn’t do it at all.

  4. Skyrim. I just love it so much. But damn If I wasn’t so tempted to join Cossack and Julez in saying Human Revolution. I love both SO much, but in the end Skyrim absorbed me more.

  5. @ Julez: Thanks bro. sniff Hold me!

    @ Skuba: As much as I love and continue to explore Skyrim, Fallout 3 enraptured me more with its atmosphere. Also, the UI is abominable. So that’s why, as much as I like Skyrim’s combat and leveling and environments, it wasn’t something that knocked my socks off. DXHR delivered in preserving Deus Ex Original’s gameplay, and presented a world with strong characters and themes about technology in the near future that really made me think. I thought DXHR wouldn’t be as good as DX1, but it knocked my socks off and I enjoyed every moment of it, both playthroughs.

  6. This was a really hard choice for me but I went with Skyrim. Batman was a fantastic ride and well worthy of all the praise, but I’m still finding something new to do every time I boot up Skyrim.

  7. Cossack, DXHR was totally at the top of my list until I played Batman: Arkham City. That game changed everything for me. And it’s what I voted for.

    And Gadfly, the Portal 2 review is my fault. My life got nutty this year.

  8. [quote comment=”18406″]And Gadfly, the Portal 2 review is my fault. My life got nutty this year.[/quote]

    [quote comment=”18400″]Poartal 2: Moar Poartals.[/quote]

    A sequel to a 2 hour long puzzle game? Toss in a homicidal computer and a nameless protagonist and that’s Portal.

    Literally. That was just about it.

    Portal 2 completely blew my mind. A storyline was created out of a joke and, damn it, it was a pretty frigging cool plot.
    Top that off with some crazy characters: maybe a few nonfunction turrets that are self-aware, a computer sphere that thinks he can hack into doors and windows, or even a mad scientist who has a strange thing for lemons.

    Now, you’re pretty close to Portal 2, but there is one thing we’re missing: amazing puzzles. Even after the third run down of this game, which regardless of what ANYONE tells you is still hard as balls, I continued finding Easter Eggs and new ways to solve a problem.

    Oh? What’s that? You’re tired of playing by yourself? You’d like to bake a cake, but you don’t want to eat it too? Well, Valve figured as much. And no, they didn’t take the easy way out by placing a second “ghost” inside of the same testing facility as Single Player, making each puzzle obnoxiously simple; they created A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORYLINE FOR TWO TINY ROBOTS.
    Hmm? Your friend doesn’t have the same console as you? Well, Valve gave you Steam Cloud capabilities. Yes, Portal 2 utilizes this function to the fullest giving you access to a whole new relm of gaming. No longer do you have to worry about cheating on your Playstation 3 buddies with your Minecraft pals. Open Portal 2 on your PC and enjoy the best of both worlds; they’ll never know the difference.

    Gamersushi gave it a 5…outta 5. Oh wait. I mean, S. I dunno where that last part came from.
    There. Feel free to steal this from me, Eddy. Everyone happy now?

    So, naturally, I voted for Skyrim cause its fucking Skyrim. :3

  9. I played Bastion over the weekend, and I think that game deserves a spot up there. I played Skyrim, Zelda, etc., and those games were great; but I found something uniquely charming about Bastion. The writing and voice acting are top-knotch, the gameplay is fun, and the storytelling and environments in general are heavily reminiscent of my time playing Braid, a game I love dearly. It’s a great argument for the whole “Games as art” argument.

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