Final Fantasy VI: The Glitch of All Glitches

I’m a huge fan of Final Fantasy VI, it being my favorite game of all time and everything, but apparently there is something I’ve never know about it: it can be broken in the most bizarre and fun ways possible. A user on the SomethingAwful forums (via 1UP) named Elephantgun posted the below video, which not only shows him having an airship in the opening minutes of the game, but also causing the game to go completely haywire when he uses Relm’s Sketch skill against an invisible enemy. See for yourself:

[youtube width=”500″ height=”310″][/youtube]

Pretty crazy, right? Are there any games out there that have similar glitches that you like to use? Have you ever discovered any yourself? Hit me!

Source: 1UP

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2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VI: The Glitch of All Glitches”

  1. Reminds me of the Missing. No from Pokemon Red/Blue in the old days. That was very interesting. Nothing beats breaking basic coding (or alliteration)

  2. Heh. Not sure whether this is a testament to this dude’s creativity or the volatile nature of the game engine.

    Not really glitches, but sometimes game engines can be really finnicky that when you edit certain memory addresses (via Action replay, etc.) You get some crazy stuff. Also, cartridge tilting ftw.

    As for me, I like to pretend that Ben Drowned is a real glitch in Majora’s Mask. 🙁

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