Watch a Man Dominate Metal Gear Solid 3’s AI

Seems that the GamerSushi staff is on something of a Metal Gear Solid kick lately, but what other video game series can inspire people to randomly bust into a musical number? (Inside joke, don’t worry.) While Anthony was adventuring through the depths of Shadow Moses, I found a video of a guy absolutely breaking Metal Gear Solid 3 and it’s pretty amusing (and maybe a little frightening).

That’s the end result of hours of hours of practice, ladies and gents. I’m impressed by this showing, and I’m always fascinated by the ways people can find to creatively bypass the “game” aspect of most titles and create something new. Do you guys have any examples of this?

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One thought on “Watch a Man Dominate Metal Gear Solid 3’s AI”

  1. Hot damn! This reminds me of the precise timing used in Tool-Assisted Speedruns. Thanks for sharing dude!

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