GamerSushi Asks: Favorite Gaming News of 2011?

Penny Arcade

Kind of hard to believe that it’s the last stinking day of 2011. It’s a year that we all couldn’t wait to see at the end of 2010, particularly because we knew that there were tons of games and even more surprises waiting for us in the wings. We knew that it could stand to be one of the best years of gaming we’ve ever seen, and in hindsight, it truly might have been.

But in addition to the games, 2011 brought with it a variety of other gaming news items. We saw the announcement of the Nintendo WiiU and the 3DS. It also brought us word of the Playstation Vita, the calamitous PSN hack and the Modern Warfare 3 leak. More recently, it even brought us the dramatic Penny-Arcade/Ocean Marketing snafu. And finally, the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic and Duke Nukem Forever.

So, in a year full of twists, turns, announcements, debacles, wild successes and major fails, what would you rank as your favorite bit of news that you heard in 2011? It doesn’t have to be something we posted here on the ol’ Sushi, but if you love us that much, feel free to tell us. Go!

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6 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Favorite Gaming News of 2011?”

  1. This might sound dumb but my favorite news bit was when the pre-orders for SWTOR went up and analysts did a complete 180 and started praising the game and how it would do very well for EA and Bioware. The months leading up to it were not sounding good for the game, and since Bioware is my favorite developer I did not want them to have a game that they spent five years of their hard work on to fail. My second favorite article was this past month when the success of the game was announced as thousands of people were enjoying the game just as much as me.

  2. I’d say the whole thing with Ocean Marketing is my favorite, but that may only be because of how recent it is. It’s hilarious to read the exchanged Emails and wonder how a company representative could be so obnoxious.

  3. I’d actually missed that Penny Arcade Vs. Ocean Marketing situation entirely. I was genuinely shocked reading it. Additionally, it made me forget the bit of news I was originally going to suggest so I guess imma have to go with Penny Arcade!

  4. Speaking strictly of “news”, the Ocean Marketing fiasco wins on many fronts, perhaps most importantly occurring right at the end of the year so I can actually still remember the reaction it evoked. Certainly the lone ill-treated customer calling on the internet as his champion and obliterating the name-dropping douchebag in single combat is very satisfying in a cathartic sort of way.

    Even though I feel that what you guys do best is not strictly news – though you guys do a great service in winnowing out the industry PR machine dreck to wind up with the majority of the gaming news that I find relevant, and serving it up with your own take – I feel compelled to extol the excellence of your opinion and community discussion pieces. It’s hard to look back and remember them specifically, but poking around I remembered Eddy’s piece on Why I Feel Sorry for this Generation’s Kid Gamers particularly resonating, and engendering some great discussion as well. I don’t mean to take this too far off-topic, but I wanted to voice my appreciation for all the work you guys put into this site for no real tangible reward. Thanks and kudos to you all! Now release another damn podcast so I can get back to alternately laughing and yelling at you all like a crazy person on my drive home! 😉

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