GamerSushi Votes 2011: Best Singleplayer

Alright folks, here’s part two of GamerSushi Votes 2011, and this time we’re tackling the solo aspect of gaming. While this might have a bigger overlap with the typical “Game of the Year” criteria, you can have an awesome single-player experience with pretty crappy multiplayer, like Dead Space 2, for example.

I’m going to put what I think are the most popular and well-recieved single-player games of 2011 in the poll below, but if you have any other suggestions, please tell us in the comments! While the GamerSushi crew (and me in particular) do try to give every game a fair shake, sometimes we miss stuff, so if there’s a game that your want to represent, go ahead. I know we have a few supporters of The Witcher 2, but what other games caught your fancy?

GamerSushi Votes 2011: Best Singleplayer

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13 thoughts on “GamerSushi Votes 2011: Best Singleplayer”

  1. Now this is a tough one.
    I know I must vote for Skyrim, but it was soooo long in terms of content, there were times that I really founf myself getting bored.
    Haven’t played B:AC sadly.
    Portal it’s all fun with their humor and co-op.
    Uncharted 3, no.

    I’m going for Deus Ex. It really got me in the story and the response to the troubles issued by the users was amazing. In the Missing Link DLC it was pretty neat to have more of this requests solved. Yeah, Deus Ex.

  2. 2011 was a beautiful year for singleplayer masterpieces. It brings tears of joy to my eyes!

    But still, DXHR deserves to be higher. Because I’m a fanboy.

  3. Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. Its (almost) the only reason I still take Nintendo seriously. Never gets boring because of good pacing within the game and a variety of side quests as well as a very engaging main story. Also combat is soooo fun.

  4. I know Mitch I’m sorry. I also worry that with all my hyping, when it does get released you’re all going to buy it and be disappointed, then run me off the site for misleading to such a degree.

  5. Skyrim gets my vote. I can’t really fault it (bar the odd glitch, lol). Deus Ex comes a close second and I hope to give Assassin’s Creed 2.5.5/4 a go soon. 2011 spoiled us for singleplayer I felt. Here’s hoping 2012 can either match or surpass it!

  6. I refuse to vote because I adore all the options. I can however narrow it down though if we are going by single player campaign (story) by removing Deus Ex and Skyrim. Skyrim’s two main stories were pretty bad in comparison to the rest of the game, and Deus Ex’s strong point was its gameplay. Batman, Portal, and Uncharted’s stories will be ones I remember.

  7. My god this one was really hard for me. I think it narrows down to both Skyrim and Batman, two fantastic single player games that offer totally different things. Whereas Batman is a focused, immersive role-playing game in a sense that gives you a fantastically accurate depiction of playing Batman, Skyrim is a wide open do-whatever-you-feel-like romp across a gorgeous storybook world. I had no idea what to choose, but at the moment I feel like Batman is the winner for me.

    I immediately regretted after voting though.

  8. Skyrim was amazing, so I gave it my vote. The only other entry on the list I’ve played is Arkham City, which is also quite good.

    To put one not on the list, I’m a huge Total War fan, and Shogun 2’s campaign is one of the best in the series.

  9. Wow, this is really a tough question.
    I went with Portal 2 but it took me a minute to decide.
    Arkham City, Skyrim and Uncharted 3 are also extremely awesome but none was as captivating as Portal 2. I really say why that is.

    Probably GlaDOS…especially when she was stuck in a potato. <3

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