Skyrim is Full of Undiscovered Secrets

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It goes without saying that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is tremendous. And I don’t even mean that in terms of quality. I’m talking about sheer size. The game is enormous in every sense of the word. From the amount of quests to the cities to the NPCs and the depths of dungeons, it could take one years to mine all of the game’s secrets on their own. You can ignore the main quest and spend hundreds of hours doing nothing but dungeon-diving or picking pockets. That doesn’t even take into account all of the mods available for the PC version.

That’s one of the reasons I love the Internet: we don’t have to do this kind of stuff all by ourselves. The kind folks over at the Official Playstation Magazine have put together a list of 9 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Skyrim. While I’ve made good use of a few of the items on the list, such as free archery training and the re-fillable soul gem, a few things certainly surprised me. Lists like this are usually a bad thing for me, as now I want to go get the dog that never dies, the staff that turns enemies into bunnies and the legendary horse as well.

As it stands, I’ve had some strange occurrences in Skyrim myself. Why, just a couple of weeks ago, I had to square off against an invisible dragon. On another night of exploring, I came across a lying character that tells you meta secrets about Bethesda and its development of the game.

So what about you guys? Have you stumbled across any of these undiscovered secrets? What are some of the strangest things you’ve seen for yourself in the game? Go!

Source – Official Playstation Magazine

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15 thoughts on “Skyrim is Full of Undiscovered Secrets”

  1. The Wabbajack is definitely a cool item to receive (and the quest involved is kind of an easter egg, tied to Oblivion that I won’t spoil here). Only problem is that it turns your follower against you. At least it did for me using Faendal.

  2. Not really something strange, but a small thing that happened that was quite interesting. I was walking down to Riften from Ivarstead and I came across a dead traveller whose horse was nudging the body with his nose as if to say “Wake up, master. I’m not leaving you.” Being a resourceful Argonian, I hopped on the horse and rode off. Not long after I was attacked by wolves so I had to get off the horse. Once the wolves were killed, I noticed that the horse had vanished. It had run back to its dead owner and was again nudging him with his nose. Whether or not it was intended or a bug, I was surprised to see the horse acting so devoted to its old owner.

  3. This list, in my opinion, is actually pretty poor. I knew every single one of these except the dog and the free archery. I wouldnt consider the rest secrets really, they are a pretty obvious part of the game. Granted people may be to ADD to figure them out, but I have done pretty much all of those, including wabbajack (and completing the Heircine quest).

    Some secrets that I think more are like cecrets are things that people are more likely not to understand or run across, including exploits like the followers and the training. One I know of is if you have Shadoweremer the DarkBrotherhood horse, if oyu use them on the quest Alduins Bane, the horse cant be killed by Alduin and acts as a tank when you fight him, taking all the damage. Things like that are more like a secret.

    I just feel the list is a little weak. But then again I was playing Oblivion up to Skyrim, so I may just be too much of a TES kind of guy. I will however use that archery trick lol

  4. I knew all of these tricks…but there are TWO free archery lessons. Go see Angi at her camp ('s_Camp) every “Practice” you do earns you 1 level in archery, for a total of 4 or 5 I can’t quite remember now.

    Also I’ve seen the Headless Horseman run pass me on a road late at night.

    The Notched pickaxe is a reference to Minecraft and the creator (Notch).

    When doing the Dampened Spirits quest, a journal is similar to the Pied Piper.

    If you go to Bleakcoast Cave you can find a skeleton upside down with a glowing sword on the ground…and for all the nerds and geeks already know, it’s a Star Wars reference!

    On your way to Hag Rock Redoubt you will find a dead troll and you can watch 2 goats meet up with a third, like the child tale Three Billy Goats Gruff.

    If you head out to Frostflow Lighthouse and go west, you can find a mammoth frozen in ice with ancient weapons stabbed into him.

    If you listen to almost any character you can gain knowledge from any previous Elder Scroll game. “Arrow in the Knee” may be reference to the removal of “Greaves” from the game!

    ^^These are some me and my friends found in our first 3 days of playing, we found many more on the wiki site as well!

  5. To add to my prev comment, I love people thinking Shadowmere is “Unkillable”

  6. i would probably say the headless horse man ( hes a ghost ) seen him my first time playing this game like forever ago. Hes located on the road to the west of the western watch tower ( its sometime at night cant remember when like midnight to like 3 a.m. ( follow him ).

  7. here’s a secret 4 you, i can go from lvl 18 to 81 and a half in under 2 hours. all the skills @ 100.

  8. yeah, but they were suppose to have patched it. however… it can still be done. best secret of all is knowing what to perk. done correctly, you can be damn near invincible. before leaving the cave at the start of the game in helgen, keep hitting the guy who is accompaning you, and perk up your sneak. this is necessary if you want to successfully get the ogmah infinium with relative ease,

  9. and for u noobs out there, please don’t waste time on magic… u can create clothing later that can help with that. waste of perks!!!!

  10. I have also run across the headless horseman. but the strangest things I have seen is a giant mudcrab in. a small pools of water somewhere near the Sleeping Tree camp of the giants.that org the random reoccurence of a white bunny behind me… I cant explain it.

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