Roll Call: Star Wars: The Old Republic

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We’re finally here, friends, at the end of four years of waiting and watching and over-sized lightsabers. BioWare’s first foray into MMO territory, Star Wars: The Old Republic, begins its pre-order roll out today in advance of its actual release on the 20 of December. If you pre-ordered the game and entered the code on the TOR website you can get in early between now and the 20 depending on how far in advance you completed the process (confusing, I know).

I pre-ordered the game, but I didn’t do it until November, so I probably won’t be playing until the weekend or even the 19, but I’ve had a few opportunities to try out the Beta, so that’s OK (pretty sure the NDA on those things have expired). My guild and I are deploying as heartless Imperials and I’m taking on the Bounty Hunter class for my first outing. I avoided this build during the Beta, so I’m ready for a fresh experience when I jump in. My guild will be on the Lord Praven server, if anybody wants to play with the only GS staff member who will be giving TOR a shot on release.

The Old Republic hasn’t exactly been a hot topic around here, but I still thought I’d put up a Roll Call as this is the last big release of 2012 (except for the Back to Karkand DLC which also comes out today). Anybody else playing TOR? Which class are you playing as? Any interest on trying the game in the future? Also, what are you thoughts on me keeping a journal of sorts for the first month of the game as a kind of review?

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4 thoughts on “Roll Call: Star Wars: The Old Republic”

  1. Got my early access, and…d’oh my God. I love this game. Got to level 10 as a Jedi Consular and I am having a blast. There’s nothing quite like placing the parts of your saber on a pedestal, kneeling and meditating as your saber parts click into place, then finally activating it for the first time as you hold it over your head. I played a bit of the beta as Empire, but I always wanted to be Republic. My guild was assigned “The Fatman” server (best server name ever) and we’ll be killing Sith scum like you Mitch lol. I couldn’t recommend the game to other GS members enough.

  2. I cannot buy this game since I am still mad at the decision to turn the series into an mmo, a basic hotkey mmo at that.

  3. Got my early access the first day, and its just awesome. Combat can be kinda dull but it sucks you in with the story they kept talking about. I see myself spending a lot of time in it. Already made a Knight and a Inquisitor.

    But its already super packed, had to make a new character on another server because my first server had a huge queue..

  4. I’ll probably wait a while before jumping in on this. Especially with Australian servers being what they are.

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