Rumor: Sony Version of Smash Bros?

Sony Smash Bros

Few things compare to the joys I’ve gotten from the Super Smash Bros. franchise. Whether it was after school on the Nintendo 64, skipping class in college with the GameCube or taking a break on the Wii, the Nintendo branded brawler is the perfect mix of insanity and trashtalk-inducing competition. If I were one of the other big console companies, I guess I’d be eying something similar for my own franchises.

And according to rumors, that’s just what Sony is doing. For a while now, there have been whispers that one SuperBot Entertainment has been hard at work crafting the PlayStation’s own take on the Smash Bros. style of mayhem. Until the last couple of weeks, these rumors didn’t have much substance to them. However, SuperBot employee Chris Molina’s twitter account recently outed not only the game’s existence, but also a few details like the inclusion of characters Kratos, Sweet Tooth and Parappa.

So what do you guys think of this idea? Would you play a Sony version of Super Smash Bros.? What characters would you like to see? What about a Microsoft version? Go!

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3 thoughts on “Rumor: Sony Version of Smash Bros?”

  1. Haha Kevin Butler. Man I would definitely play a sony version, smash bros for the 64 was definitely one of my favorite games growing up. I was always Mario :D. Still not sure if tap up A was a butt attack, but that’s what I always called it

  2. That could be a very awesome game if it’s done right. Although, I’d put Templar in before Sev, cuz I’m an old Killzone fan 😛 At least one representative of the Helghast faction would be nice though. Lente? Radec? Metrac? Cobar? Nah, Radec hands down (there ain’t enough nerd-outs that are Killzone related around here so I took the burden upon myself, lol).
    If they could get Auron in there or Kimahri from FFX it would be epic. As long as Kimarhi was actually good in it though. Poor Blue Knight.
    Also, Kevin Butler as a character FTW.

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