Half-Life: Origins Takes You Back to Black Mesa

I’ve often been a pretty vocal opponent to the idea of fan films. Sure, they’re flashy and a nice little pipe dream for the communities of the games they represent, but in the end they’re typically low on content. Most of them follow the same formula, and are entirely predictable.

Such is the case with this new entry, Half-Life: Origins. Why am I posting it, then? Because as miserly as I can be about fan videos on the Internet, I can’t help but admire this stylish recreation of one of the most iconic video game intros ever made. So, yeah. Enjoy.


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3 thoughts on “Half-Life: Origins Takes You Back to Black Mesa”

  1. Erm.. I don’t know. The live action Half-Life 2 stuff worked because they weren’t doing Gordon. If they had used the other scientists here and had some banter I think this could have been cooler AND funny.

  2. It’s quite well put together, and it’s evident that a lot of work went into it. I like the style, it’s kind of nostalgia inducing because of the environments and sounds they used from the game. I also liked the ending with the microwave a lot.

    I think it’s a pretty cool video, I don’t like many fan films, but some have these certain quirks to them that makes them stand out. At least this video it much better than the other Half-Life fan film that the same group released earlier this year.

  3. They should never try to make a movie from the perspective of Gordon or about Gordon. There are so many things left out of the eyes of out favourite crowbar wielding scientist that are going on in the world of Half Life, like the seven hour war, or the 2 weeks after the explosion of Citadel. The whole period of the occupation between Gordon’s consciousness. You don’t even have to mention any of the charecters, just the setting would be good enough.

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