GamerSushi Asks: What Are You Playing, Thanksgiving Edition

Halo CE Anniversary

Oh man. As cliche as it is to make a post on Thanksgiving about how much food you’ve eaten, I can’t help but do just that. I feel like I’m at least partially absolved of this crime because I ran a 10K this morning, but even then, I know I’ll still have to beg your forgiveness just a little bit.

All that to say: Happy Thanksgiving, dudes. I know not all of you are from our fat states, but I want to wish you all a good one either way. Maybe it’s because I’m food drunk, but I do want to say that I’m thankful for this community and for all of you. Shucks and stuff.

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to the good stuff. Naturally, holidays means video games for many of us. As for me, I’ve been playing lots of Skyrim (of course), but now that the holidays are underway, I’ve been struck by the nostalgia bug, as I knew I would be. This means I’ve got a sudden and intense hankering to play not only Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD, but also Halo: CE Anniversary and the MGS HD Collection. Christmas really can’t come soon enough.

So what about you guys? What are you playing this fine holiday weekend? Go!

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  1. I am devouring Skyrim and LA Noire with a little bit of Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy sprinkled in. I’ll also probably be losing time due to Arkham City which came out for the PC on Tuesday (still waiting for it to download). So far it has been a pretty good break.

  2. Mostly skyrim for now. I only got it 3 days ago and I’ve already sunk just over 12 hrs on it. I haven’t put that much time into a game since Mass Effect 2. I’m throwing in some Xenoblade when I feel the need to mix up the aesthetic.

  3. Been getting up late for work. My boss is giving me a lecture. I can’t help it, the only thing I’ve playing is Skyrim, and is addicting, I’m regularly going to sleep at 3 am. And I’m playing nothing more ):

    But that’s that. After I finish with Skyrim (?) I’m gonna play the heck out of Serious Sam BF3, seems like a lot of fun and pretty much a break from all this military shooters.

  4. Happy thanks giving from across the pond. While not a holiday over here i have taken the opportunity to get stuck in to Halo: CE Anniversary, unfortunately that means i’ve had to stop Deus Ex back for now but i will no doubt pick it up again soon.

    Still trying to get into Battlefield 3 on the PC but between the crashing and the bugs i keep running into i cant seem to find a rhythm so most of my time has been spent between Bad company 2 and Killing Floor.


    Dragon fights are quite epic. I’m playing as a female Breton specializing in Destruction, Light Armor, and Archery. I have a Silver Sword of Lesser Fire named “Gabriel” which I use in unison with Flames. So much fun! I’m glad that Skyrim remains challenging, even on just Adept; I was slaughtering enemies pretty easily at first, but I recently drank all my health potions when I fought Krosis and I met an untimely death when taking on three Trolls at once. Still, I like to bump up the difficulty to Master when fighting Dragons.

    I’m hoping to snag a copy of MGS HD, since I’ve never played any MGS before…ever. How much does it cost?

  6. When I’ve had time, tons of Skyrim. Seriously I was up until 3 am the other night CRAFTING ARMOR. I’m level 33, I have full Legendary Daedric Armor, and I still have not surpassed the fourth main story quest. The guilds are just soooo addicting. However tomorrow I’ll get my hands on The Old Republic beta, which is when life will be put on hold for sure lol.

  7. Skyrim now absorbs my entire weekend. Mostly. Poor Deus Ex.
    During the week though, it’s virtually ALL TF2 with my friends or whatever game I could pick up cheap in a Steam sale. I purchased the original Half Life so now I’ll FINALLY see what all the fuss is about! : P

  8. While I enjoy Skyrim enough, it’s just not absorbing me the way it seems to be everyone else, and I’m level 20, so it’s not like I haven’t spent any time with it. So, yesterday I decided to put it down and pick up Xenoblade Chronicles again. And I couldn’t be happier with that decision. I’m completely absorbed with that game again. I’m probably stuck with that til I beat it, then I’ll head back to Skyrim…unless I go another round with Dark Souls first.

  9. Saints Row 3 just beat the main story both endings now working on the achivements. Got a week off work so some MW3 and Homefront MP is in order as well as Red Dead Redemtion. And will finally Beat Dead Space on the impossible setting.

  10. Skyrim.

    I also just started playing GTA IV which I bought from the steam sale on GTA III’s anniversary, and I’m kind of loving every second of it!

  11. Steam has been berry, berry good to me. Snagged a couple of dozen games (including Mass Effect, a couple of Silent Hunters, Amnesia, and Napoleon: Total War) and am loving Gratuitous Space Battles, and overjoyed to have the first two X-Coms playable on a PC for the first time in 10 or 15 years.

  12. Well, on the American Thanksgiving I decided to reformat my machine. I backed up my almost 800 Skyrim save files (5.5 GB or so) and reformat my machine. I also got L.A. Noire half priced (or was that Wednesday?) on Steam. It’s been a a very blurry few days…

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