Fan Feedback and Fixing Uncharted 3’s Shooting

Uncharted 3

I’ve been trying to save some of my opinions about Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (or Decepticons if you’re feeling especially nerdy) for our upcoming review of the game, but I couldn’t help myself on this one. As fun as the game can be, I had major problems with it’s shooting mechanics, which felt a bit spastic and dare I say broken in comparison to Uncharted 2’s excellent gunplay. When I first started playing the game, I couldn’t tell if my skills had diminished, or if I was just a crazy person, but something felt… off. This became even more apparent when Anthony tried a run of some multiplayer, where the shooting mechanics felt much better, and vastly different from their singleplayer counterpart.

Apparently I’m not the only one. It seems that quite a few Uncharted fans, both on Naughty Dog’s website and NeoGAF, have taken to drafting charts, filming comparison videos and dissecting the difference between Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3’s gunplay. The main offender is a strange bit of input lag, plus a snap-to grid for diagonal aiming that isn’t present in Uncharted 2.

While all of that is typical for the Internet, the interesting part of the story is that Naughty Dog listened and tried to figure out the difference themselves… but couldn’t. So they then asked several of the outspoken NeoGAF posters to come into the studio to present their case firsthand. As a result, Naughty Dog is working on a patch that allows players to choose between the mechanics of each game for the singleplayer campaign.

How about that for listening to your community? I really have to commend Naughty Dog for hearing the complaints and addressing them, although I don’t understand how they couldn’t figure out the difference between two of their own games. Have any of you played Uncharted 3? Any issues with the aiming? And what do you think of this move by Naughty Dog? Go!

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4 thoughts on “Fan Feedback and Fixing Uncharted 3’s Shooting”

  1. I did at one point look to see how to change the sensitivity but other then that I hadnt really noticed anything wrong, any learning curve I just assumed was due to the fact I had been playing Gears a lot. Very cool of Naughty Dog to listen and try to remedy the situation.

    Still one of the best campaigns Ive played.

  2. I have always felt Uncharted’s weakest point was its gunplay, but I agree Eddy, this one felt a bit off. Things that we take for granted (especially in single player) such as hit detection seemed to be hit or miss (no pun intended) and it just didn’t feel quite as smooth. As cool as the new melee system is, it feels to me like they put far too much emphasis on it. My main reaction to someone shooting at me is not to bum rush them and go for a punch, but instead shoot them with my rifle at a comfortable distance, an approach that occasionally seemed frowned upon. It’s still my favorite Uncharted game, but that was definitely a blemish on a near perfect experience.

  3. That’s very cool of them. Something like that would be a deal breaker for me because I’m so picky. Glad to see they are doing the right thing.

  4. I played plenty of the Beta and thought it was fine but this seems to be a campaign only thing. Can’t wait to go play this over christmas.

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