Gaming’s Greatest Griefs

Team Fortress 2

Any day that I get to use alliteration in a post title is a swell day for me, and perhaps all of mankind. OK, probably not.

I’ve taken this brief break from my weekend of playing Skyrim until my thumbs fall off to point your attention to a hilarious post I saw over on Ranker. This humorous list chronicles the 13 Greatest Moments in Video Game Griefing History, and I think it’s worth every second you spend looking at it.

While griefing is a mostly vile and contemptible practice, I can’t help but laugh when griefers really get creative and think beyond the box of the typical racial and homophobic slurs. Case in point: the number one entry on the list, where a clever Spy in TF2 posted sprays of models in order to knife other players in the back when they stopped to oggle.

What are your favorite entries on the list? Have you ever seen some creative and hilarious griefing that you couldn’t help but admire? Go!

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4 thoughts on “Gaming’s Greatest Griefs”

  1. All the more reason why small children should be banned from using microphones – “DELETE THIS!!!!!!!” ugh.

    I loved the Team Roomba videos, I saw them a while ago, but they are still hilarious.

  2. The Battlefield guy is my hero, I got so mad that all the gaming web sites publicized the glitch for infinite XP.

  3. Wasn’t there a group of guys who were going to make a Halo 3 machinima mini-series about griefing, or griefers, or something like that? It was mentioned along time ago I think, but my memory is kinda hazy. *cough cough*

  4. Team Roomba (I’d seen those before too) are amazing. I laughed sooooooo damn hard the first time I saw the whole “Trapped in the spawn room trivia quiz” Thing.

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