Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Roll Call

call of duty modern warfare 3

As sure as the Fall brings cold weather, it also brings us a new Call of Duty game, this time from the all-star collaboration of Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 finally released today and as you might expect the reviews are generally favorable, although the Metacritic User Reviews currently sit at a hilarious 2.8.

I’m not able to pick up the game today, but that hasn’t stopped me from wanting it, which is kind of an odd phenomenon with Call of Duty. Every year since Modern Warfare 2 I’ve told myself that I’m not buying this version, but I always buckle under. This time around it’s more to see if Infinity Ward can repair the story after what happened in MW2, but I’m also interested in trying out the multiplayer and Spec Ops modes.

So what about you guys? Did any of you pick up Modern Warfare 3? What are your thoughts so far?

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8 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Roll Call”

  1. I’ll be on, I havent been excited for MW3 at all until a couple days ago. Ive had fun in every Call of Duty so far and I dont know why I was so cynical about it for the past months.

    I look forward to that first couple of weeks where everyone you know is playing. After that its a balance between BF3, MW3, and Gears 3, which Im embracing as opposed to the people who are overwhelmed or intimidated… oh and Skyrim, yikes

  2. To be honest, I got bored with the single player after the second mission… I couldn’t really keep interest in it.
    And the Spec-Ops missions aren’t as great as the ones in MW2. This weekend I try out the multiplayer and survival, so I’ll see how I like those.

  3. I agree with Nic. Maybe its my old age talking or maybe I’m expecting too much, but there’s no passion in the campaign anymore. They have you play as too many players and you just get thrown into giant fire fights and every level ends with an explosion. There doesn’t seem to be any sense of character… in COD4 I cared about Soap and Gaz and Price… even in MW2 I cared about Roach and Ghost, and even Ramirez when fighting through DC. There’s too much chaos, is seems disjointed, and as though they’re purposefully trying to confuse you. The cookie-cutter really seems present on this one.
    Maybe I’m being too hard on it, I dunno.

    Never the less, I’ll be wasting a few hours on the multiplayer.
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  4. Played the first campaign mission, a couple of survival games. And a couple hours of multiplayer. Seems much more balanced this time around. I’m having a lot of fun so far.

  5. This will, no doubt, be an Xmas thing so count me on… eventually. Once I’ve finished the million other games out there.
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  6. As we all know, Call of Duty: Map Pack 3 is a re-hash and a playable action movie. But you know what? I like action movies. And I like playing action movies. I don’t expect much out of the campaign, but I’ve been happy with the story so far and I want to see how it plays out. Also, Spec Ops always seems fun, and multiplayer with friends is awesome.

    So far played the first level of Campaign and I really like it so far. I’m having fun, and that’s all that really matters to me.

    Multiplayer feels a lot more balanced in some ways. The maps seem more fair and more interesting, and so far I haven’t found any that I despise (I’m looking at you, Highrise). However I do not like that the G36C sucks, as it is my favorite assault rifle. And it feels like there are too many guns that are just too powerful; in a game where your character can soak up bullets like a sponge, only the most high-power sniper rifles and shotguns should be allowed a one-hit kill.
    Also like the new way they do perks.

  7. I just watched the Mountain Dew commercial for MW3 and for some reason one of the guys reminds me of Daniel Miller.

    His line was “What are you waiting for, a Care-Package?”

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