A Look at the Modern Quake

Ah, modern gaming. How often you’re lambasted these days for your simplistic ways.

This is always a tricky subject for me. We generally try to keep the discourse around here less cynical, but sometimes we do talk about the things we miss about gaming. Let’s face it: games have changed, and there’s no point beating around the bush about it.

I guess that means there’s no bush-beating in this video. It asks the question: what if Quake was made today? And agree or disagree with its conclusions, it’s hard to deny that it makes at least a few points, and hilariously at that.

While I genuinely think that in some ways, games are better than ever, I’ll admit that the things in this video are pretty spot on. I don’t know if I buy into all the negativity that I hear from the gaming community about this issue, but it’s still worth noting.

So what do you guys think about the ideas this video raises? Do you like/dislike the direction of modern games? Is it a more complicated issue than the video lays out? Go!

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3 thoughts on “A Look at the Modern Quake”

  1. Lol, as someone who could never perfect that rocket jump I applaud the previous generation.
    It was quite a funny video, but I really don’t hate what’s happened to games all that much. Simplified systems aren’t always bad (case in point: Mass Effect 2) and devs are making games more “gritty” and “realistic” because it’s what most people want. It’ll die down eventually no doubt, all fads do. Not disappear completely, but certainly die down.

  2. Well his question of “What the hell happened to video games?” has a simple answer. They used to be made by bored nerds with secret programming skills for other bored nerds who knew how to use computers. Now they’re largely made by huge teams of business people for kids with controllers.

    I love that stories and huge cinematic orchestration are being included with games nowadays but I really hate all the hand-holding. And non-skippable intros and “PRESS ENTER” screens /really/ make me hate PC gaming sometimes. At least make an effort to make your game not feel ported please =(.

  3. It was a really great video, and it does make some valid points. I personally don’t think the way games have changed is bad, in all ways, games have improved incredibly. But there are definitely a few annoyances, like the “please return to battle zone” messages, they get on my nerves, and some of the hand-holding games provide gets a little irritating, but I understand that it’s there to reach a wider audience, and to help people who may not get it as quickly.

    Many game developers, I think, should stop jumping on every fad and stick to what they do best, although many times, the developers don’t have that option because of publishers.

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