Corridor Digital Gives Battlefield 3 a Jolt with Shock Troopers

Ever since Battlefield 3 came out last week (I bet you thought I would stop writing about it, eh?) I’ve been kind of obsessed with the multiplayer portion. Seriously, you guys, it’s quite good and I’d say it’s going to end up as the best of the year. One thing I’m lamenting about the multiplayer, though is that defibrillators can no longer be used to kill your enemies. I’d say this is a serious oversight on DICE’s part, because killing people with defibs kind of feels like this:

I’m kind of a huge fan of Corridor Digital’s work, so expect to see more of their gaming related stuff on here. What did you guys think of the video? Any thoughts on BF3’s multiplayer?

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4 thoughts on “Corridor Digital Gives Battlefield 3 a Jolt with Shock Troopers”

  1. Haha, that was effing awesome. I’m really disappointed to hear that you can’t kill players with the defib anymore :(. That was a real highlight of BFBC2.

    Best times were seeing a medic getting killed, dropping your kit to switch to his medic kit, killing the guy who killed him with defib and then reviving your medic, who then ends up with your kit. Very smooth move.

  2. I’m more of a repair tool kinda guy myself! 🙂
    That video was hilarious (and really well done!) and it just makes me want to go out and get BF3 ASAP!

  3. Multiplayer good. Very good.

    My BF3 play bad. Very bad.

    Plus it sucks to be a team player on the PS3. I’m going around reviving, resupplying, spotting, and capturing flags when everyone around me thinks it’s a COD round.

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