Eight Video Game Glitches That Will Give You Nightmares

video game glitches

Glitches are part and parcel of any software experience, but there are a few that stand above the rest. The comedy alchemists over at Cracked have put together a list of eight horrifying video game glitches that are sure to terrify the wits out of you. Red Dead Redemption and the notoriously buggy Fallout: New Vegas are on the list but there are a couple on here from games that I never even knew about that are pretty freaky.

The “manimals” from Red Dead Redemption received a lot of attention after the games release and I’ve seen plenty of glitches in Fallout: New Vegas besides the one listed, but the creepy Watson glitch really caught me off guard. The talking bodies from Call of Duty was something I hadn’t seen before either.

Have you guys seen these specific glitches before? Got any other disturbing ones you one to share?

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  1. I remember Oblivion having a creepy glitch where if you paralyzed an NPC just as they started to leave to another area (i.e going from inside to outside) at just the right time, when you followed them outside and paralyzed them, their body would melt. Like, all of the limbs would collapse and roll around as if the entire body was made of putty or something. And when you do it on essential NPCs (can’t die, just get knocked out) and knock them out, the moment they regain consciousness, their body snaps back into its original form. It’s creepy because in some cases you can talk to the NPCs as they’re morphing into jello.

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