Batman: Arkham City Reviews Arrive with a Pow

Arkham City

Bam! Pow! Zhom! Those are the sounds that Arkham City is making amongst the circle of reviewers as it enters the scene with one heck of a flourish. The sequel to Rocksteady’s Arkham Asylum certainly sounds promising, and many are praising it as the greatest superhero game ever made. Granted, that’s not saying a lot, but it’s still a lofty and impressive claim.

Overall, Arkham City is garnering loads of positive reviews on the high end of the spectrum. It seems like it improves on Arkham City in every way, and adds the open world play style in a way that doesn’t take away from what made the previous game so much fun. Here’s one of my favorite quotes, from the Wired review:

In fact, it avoids the curse of sequelitis by making a major change to the formula — instead of a Metroid-esque series of interconnected rooms, it’s an open-world city that you can fly across, going from point to point in a matter of seconds. You can play only the missions that are required to advance the storyline, but you’re also constantly tempted with a wide variety of side missions, collectibles and challenges scattered everywhere. It doesn’t feel anything like Metroid anymore, but it sure feels a lot like Crackdown.

So yeah. Call me excited. Here are some other reviews for you to peruse:

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6 thoughts on “Batman: Arkham City Reviews Arrive with a Pow”

  1. Eurogamer made the same comparison: “…if Arkham Asylum was Metroid – a claustrophobic, tightly contained and intricate blend of gear-gating and backtracking – this is The Legend of Zelda: a sustained head-rush of deftly-controlled freedom with landmark Gotham buildings as the dungeons, while the streets themselves stand in for the rolling fields of Hyrule.”

    Unfortunately, I think I’ll have to wait on this. Dark Souls, Xenoblade, Skyrim, ME3…gonna be a while.

  2. I guess I should start playing these games already. I’ll start with Asylum because money and whatnot.


  3. Man, I think if it wasn’t Batman I would be all over this game. I just can’t get into superhero stuff. Looks like they fixed the camera problem for the most part!

  4. I was really excited for this but then i found out the PC version comes out in November, the same month as Skyrim and Assassins Creed Revelations… why must this November murder my wallet?

    Nonetheless I am getting this game day one due to the fact that i LOVED Arkham Asylum.

  5. Can’t wait for this! It may just force me to bring my PS3 down with me to Uni. That and Uncharted and Skyrim coming out in a few weeks!

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