Ten Minutes of Syndicate Gameplay Breach the Internet

EA and StarBreeze’s (the guys behind The Darkness) revival of Syndicate, a sci-fi RTS from the early 90s, was just announced last month with a release date of February 2012. Since the game is seemingly on the fast track to the shelves, the two companies have been hitting hard with the pre-release info and have just put out a new ten-minute gameplay trailer for the title. It shows off the game’s shooting and something called “breaching” which is the act of using the chip in your character’s head to hack electronic systems and manipulate them. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, check out the trailer below:

Some people have been saying that Syndicate bears a close resemblance to the recent Deus Ex game, but other than some superficial stuff I don’t see it. Syndicate looks like it’s way more action-oriented than Deus Ex was, and it doesn’t appear that stealth will really be an option here. So, what did you guys think of the trailer?

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4 thoughts on “Ten Minutes of Syndicate Gameplay Breach the Internet”

  1. Haven’t played Dues Ex but this looks stunning. But that’s just the visuals. Unfortunately, to me it just looks like a standard shooter with some cool new guns. Breaching doesn’t seem to be anything more than “you have to wait 3 seconds before you make something cool happen”, would be nice if you actually had to do more than just press a button.

  2. It looks like it could be good. The Breach elements look quite interesting but the combat lloked way too easy and simplistic. In fairness, he DID say that was an early level though.

  3. Breaching could really make for some interesting combat puzzles, but I have a feeling Syndicate is going to disappoint in the strategic combat department. This game would be perfect as a stealth game…so like Deus Ex. I want to see more of Syndicate, but I hope it’s not as easy and linear as this trailer makes it look.

  4. I definitely get the Deus Ex HR feel, but a lot “cheaper”. This game looks dated to me. The physics looked kind of funny, didn’t look natural. Other than that, might be a fun play. The narrator didn’t really sell it though..

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