Today’s WTF: Early Versions of Classic Games

Ocarina of Time

While it can be maddening to wait for word on an anticipated game release, it’s probably a good thing that more developers don’t tip their hands too early. Very often in creative processes, the seeds of an original idea morph into something that the creators don’t quite anticipate, both for good and ill.

It seems the same is true with gaming. You see, Cracked has put out a hilarious (and somewhat frightening) list of 6 Baffling Early Prototypes of Your Favorite Video Games. Although you’ve no doubt heard some of the highlights of this list (Super Mario Bros 2 and Halo come to mind), there are others that are downright shocking. Ocarina of Time as an FPS? The original Super Mario involved a gun-slinging plumber? This is the stuff that rocks world views, my friends. And perhaps even socks.

Personally, while I can tend to be an information hound, I have to say that I’m glad that sometimes we don’t know every little detail of development as it’s going down. Think of all the fan overreactions we’d hear about on a daily basis if we saw extremely early iterations of games that more than likely changed over the development cycle.

What do you guys think of this list? Are you glad that developers hold back on what they have to show until closer to release? Or do you wish that they would show us sooner?

Source – Cracked

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2 thoughts on “Today’s WTF: Early Versions of Classic Games”

  1. The Legend of Zelda as a shooter?! Good Lord, they seriously dodged the biggest bullet of their life there. But, still, I wonder what games would be like today if there wasn’t a major diagram for dungeon-type games.


  2. I knew about Halo’s early development, but the biggest shocker for me was the #1. A batman rhythm game would have been atrocious. I couldn’t believe that one was ever considered. I could see a button sequence game, but more of a DDR style….wow.

    I think there’s a reason why they dont show us that stuff early, mostly because a lot changes and is taken out. Its better to get people excited with concrete things for a game, not something that may get taken out completely OR end up making people hate the game.

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