The Top 100 Trailers of All Time

GameTrailers decided to, fittingly, rank the 100 best trailers of all time and they just announced their pick for number one. They give a quick countdown of all their choices and there are a few really great picks in there that are a little low for my choice. There’s a bias towards this generation of consoles and trailers, but that’s understandable given that video game trails only really got good last generation. Here’s the number one pick:

What do you guys think of GT’s choice? Do you agree? What would you have chosen?

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5 thoughts on “The Top 100 Trailers of All Time”

  1. I kind of agree. I remember getting really excited about Bioshock but being really let down. I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t finish that game…

    I remember this trailer well though. Fine choice.

  2. I completely agree with you, Drell Assasssin. Its a travesty that that trailer finished in the 40’s. You’re not the only one that still gets chills from it. The Bioshock trailer was good, but people are usually going to prefer trailers to games they enjoy, so even a list this big is going to be subject to personal biases. Also I find it strange that Dead Island got #5 but the Gears of War Mad World trailer was #92 since they were both going made along similar lines. Sureley there can’t be that big a difference between them.

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