Sony’s Long Live Play Ad “Michael” Will Give You Chills

A week and a bit ago, Anthony posted a mysterious teaser for a Sony trailer which featured a lot of nods to their famous franchises. The full version of the ad had gone up, and it’s rather awesome. I’m not going to spoil it for you guys, so go ahead and watch it.

That was actually really, really cool, the “Super Smash Bros” of commercials, if you will. I bet Microsoft is kicking themselves for not thinking of this first (although their ads have never really focused on the games their system offers, they just assume those will sell). Not only did Sony manage to get pretty good ringers for their characters, they brought in the voice actors, too. There’s some really good attention to detail in this video, and if I was still holding out on a PS3, this would have convinced me. So what did you guys think of the ad? Did it knock your socks off?

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12 thoughts on “Sony’s Long Live Play Ad “Michael” Will Give You Chills”

  1. THAT. WAS. BRILLIANT. Really clever and genuinely entertaining. If only Sony were THIS good at advertising their games!

  2. Yeah, okay, THAT was awesome. In really am going to have to stop talking about getting a PS3 and do it now. =)

  3. I about crapped myself when I heard Solid Snake 😀 Awesome commercial, always loved PS3 commercials.

  4. That. Was.


    Wow. Wow. Wow.

    Has Sony, not known for its stellar marketing of late, just been channeling all of its creative energies into this? HOLY SHIT.

  5. Wow… THAT was SO effing awesome! Definitely got chills when I heard David Hayter. Sweet that they got the real voices in there.

  6. Not a big Sony fan…but that was genius. One of the best commercials I’ve seen ever, on par with the Darth Vader kid commercial.

    I really like the term “Super Smash Bros of commercials” also, especially since Snake was in SSB…but I digress. Interesting to see non-Play Station exclusives in there too.

  7. [quote comment=”17835″]Yeah, okay, THAT was awesome. In really am going to have to stop talking about getting a PS3 and do it now. =)[/quote]

    It’s worth it for Uncharted and Resistance alone. And the prices now are sweet.

  8. I am definitely more of a PC gamer than Xbox or PS3, and XBox more than playstation at that, but this makes me want to go get a PS 3 RIGHT NOW. Well done to Sony, brilliant advertisement.

  9. I had the biggest smile on my face the whole time this was playing. As far as this probably is from the truth, it just FELT like a heartfelt homage to all the things I love about video games. Sony has shown in the last couple of years that they really know how to connect to gamers like this. Great stuff.

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