What Are You Playing: Show Me Your Rage Edition

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We might have to do a What Are You Playing every Tuesday from now until the end of the year because it’s about to go down, people. There’s maybe about a billion games coming every week for the next few months on this exact day, except for Skyrim, which hits on a Friday (also known as “Eff Your Weekend Plans, Here’s Skyrim” Day). Naturally, we’re curious about your gaming tastes as it helps us format the content for the site and it also lets us know that your care enough to respond. That said, let’s dig in.

Because I’m a crazy person, my purchase today will be Spider-Man: Edge of Time, Beenox’s sophomore attempt at this property. I enjoyed their last effort, Shattered Dimensions, so who knows, I might like this one too. Other than my guilty pleasure we have RAGE and Dark Souls, one of which I know Anthony is salivating ferociously over. I also picked up the Witcher 2 on Steam for 30 bucks and of course there’s the Battlefield 3 Beta and Gears of War 3 when I get a moment. Who ever said that gamers are lazy should really look at the 2011 release schedule. That’s a lot of gaming to get done with so little time!

So what’s on your docket? RAGE, Dark Souls, something else? Polishing off the backlog maybe?

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11 thoughts on “What Are You Playing: Show Me Your Rage Edition”

  1. Witcher 2 is awesome from what I’ve played Mitch. 20 hours in and I’ve only completed Chapter 1, so if you’re gonna play prepare for the long haul. As for me, my Xbox Live account was hacked (FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-) so I’m not really playing anything. The past few months I’ve started watching Breaking Bad, and it has become an obsession (I swear, it’s one of the greatest things ever put on TV or in entertainment in general for that matter) so I’ve used that to pass the time while the account investigation goes on. Unfortunately, I just caught up to the current point in the show so now I have nothing. Been thinking about starting A Clash of Kings to hold me over.

  2. Still going on Xenoblade. I swear I must be the slowest gamer on the planet. But a 60+ hr game is going to take a while when you only get a few hours a week in. At least its time well spent. I’ll be picking up Rage in the near future so that will chew up some time as well.

  3. “Driver: San Francisco” (purchased at 40% due to Blockbuster Canada’s demise) and (yes, still) Borderlands. Picked up Ico today, tbough….

  4. @Drell Assassin

    DUDE! Breaking Bad really is one of the greatest shows ever, easily my favourite of all time. I can’t believe it’s on TV at 9 PM here… I’ve dragged my whole family and all my roomates into it, no one can deny it’s power.

    In terms of games, I’ve been loving the Minecraft 1.8 update, eagerly awaiting 1.9. Grabbed Driver: San Francisco and it’s surprisingly awesome. Other than that, just updated Portal 2 and convinced a friend of mine to buy it at 50% off (till the 6th) so we can go through the new co-op together tomorrow night.

    Very exciting time we live in.

  5. At the weekends I’m playing as much Deus Ex and Battlefield 3 beta as possible. With all the games coming out though (especially single player ones!) I think I may have to bring my PS3 with me to Uni.
    Whilst at Uni though I’ve been playing very little (mainly just a few things on Steam like Portal 1&2, The Orange Box, Hitman, Alpha Protocol and some Oblivion to get into the swing of things for Skyrim!) because my friends and I all meet up after lectures and hang out and do random shit, or else I’ll just talk and watch TV with the people staying in the same halls as me. A lot of us actually joined the gaming and Anime society (Dragonslayers) and yesterday was the Freshers day. We all had a great time on MvC3 (although I got slaughtered by my friends, lol: W/L ratio of 0.50) and one of us finished 4th in the Blaz Blue tournament that was on. He was pretty leet, came back at the last second against one guy in the final round of a best of 3 set of matches. As for me? I finished last in a round of Slayer in the Halo Reach Tourney. 🙁 I started off good but tried to be clever in the second half and was punished for not knowing the controls (well, they were partly to blame, I was playing it too much like CoD). RB as Melee? Fuck that shit! Other than that, I want to play some Gears 3 as one friend has a 360. Bring on the Lancers!

  6. Finally got some time to play so I’m giving Gears 3, Battlefield 3 beta and F1 2011 the go round. Next game could be RAGE if they get the ATI problems sorted.

  7. Started a new character on Fallout: New Vegas a few weeks ago to play through the new DLC (modded the crap out of my other character so it wasn’t even fun anymore). I’m probably gonna end up putting at least 15 more hours into that.

    Waiting for Batman: Arkham City and Bioshock Infinite. Probably gonna get Skyward Sword eventually. I have no money currently so I can only afford a few games this season.

    Also might pick up a new 3DS title soon. I would get Star Fox but I have it on N64…

    Also recommend you guys check out the game “Which”. It’s a quick puzzle game but its really intense. Shouldn’t take more than an hour to beat, and its a free download. Just google: which game and its the first result (on gamejolt.com)

  8. Fifa 12 and Deus Ex had been taking up my time but I can’t wait for Batman Arkham City, RAGE and Skyrim. My girlfriend is buying me two of those, she will be ignored for a long time.

    Also… don’t ask how I spotted this… but that suit spidey is wearing doesn’t do much for his junk…

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