Poll: Most Anticipated October Release?

We’ve made it through September dear friends, but don’t get complacent: that was merely the first wave of the game industry’s onslaught this fall. Their effort to totally bankrupt us of time and money is just getting started as you will see below. The month of October brings a whole heap of gaming goodness, including some under-the-radar gems that I have my eye on.

Vote for which game you are most looking forward to and leave a comment as to why. If you chose Other, let us know what it is! For the record, Dark Souls and Arkham City are my must-haves of this month, with Aliens: Infestation right behind it. There are several that I want to play once they drop in price, though, so this month is actually kind of killer.


Which October Release Are You Most Looking Forward To?

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7 thoughts on “Poll: Most Anticipated October Release?”

  1. It was going to be Arkham City, but unfortunately for me, the PC version got pushed back to November so it doesn’t really count. However, I was lucky enough to win one of 12 places in a Kotaku Australia competition to go to a preview event of Rage last week. And I can tell you right now, the only thing stopping me from going out and buying it Day 1 is whether or not my computer will run it. I hadn’t seen a single trailer or any gameplay going in, but it looks incredible. Graphics are phenomenal, there is no lag, stuttering or texture draw in, the AI is really intelligent, it knows exactly whats going on at all times but never seems to be omniscient. Story looks like it’ll be pretty good too, though I did only get to see the first mission.

  2. Arkham City for me. Honestly wasn’t that interested in it but I replayed AA last week and after watching a couple of AC gameplay videos I can’t wait. Pre-ordered the collectors edition.

    May pick up Rage depending on reviews. Love R&C but will probably wait for price drop. I somewhat enjoyed the MP of Bad Company 2 and BF3 looks the same but I’ve been put off by the horrible stuff in the PC version (launching via web browser etc.)

  3. @ Supernovaforce: That’s so sweet man!

    I’m right with you. I was going to vote BF3, but I knew it would be a landslide, and I pretty much know what to expect out of that game. RAGE however is looking really good, I’ve been keeping my eye on trailers and stuff over the last few months and I’m getting excited.

  4. ^ i was going to say, RAGE looks like it is going to be a fun FPS. Completely forgot it was coming out on the 4th until tonight.

  5. I’m gonna be honest; if I hadn’t played Arkham Asylum, I wouldn’t have even considered Arkham City. However, I played AA, and that game kicks ass. I’m so pumped for AC.

  6. If I had a 360, I’d go for forza 4.

    But I don’t, so I’d have to say battlefield 3.

    Never thought much about it until I tried the beta, and most of the stuff that I hated in bfbc2 has been fixed, at least the parts they let us see.


  7. It WAS going to be BF3, but since I can’t play online at Uni I’ll have to go with the strong single player game. 🙂
    Bring on Arkham City!

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