Today’s WTF: Call of Mountain Dewty Double XP

CoDSome of you may have heard about the new Mountain Dew Call of Duty promotion giving away in-game Double XP time for buying their products. Stuffing your face with bags of Doritos and washing it down with a can of the green can give you up to 90-plus minuets of in-game double XP. Codes on the products can be entered to give you a rank-up edge in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

Now I don’t know how many of you feel about companies giving in-game goodies for pre-orders or buying the more expensive edition of a game, but this one really takes the cake. Check out the official rules at the link from the top to view the official rules and a table of the time-to-drink ratio.

While 15 minutes of double experience for drinking a 20 oz bottle of Mountain Dew isn’t going to skyrocket you to 15th Prestige, the concept of this promotion is still a giant facepalm to me. With companies like Best Buy and GameStop already doing absurd promotions this new concept seems to be pushing that idea too far. What do you guys think? Is Mountain Dew hitting on a goldmine? Or is this a joke of a promotion? Give me your thoughts!

Source – PC Gamer

9 thoughts on “Today’s WTF: Call of Mountain Dewty Double XP”

  1. Do we get triple the experience if we recycle the bottle immediately after?

    I shouldn’t put it past Activision though: if they can, they will and I really don’t mean that in a “positive” way…

  2. Pre-order incentives and collector’s editions don’t bother me. But THIS. When I heard about his yesterday I went into a pretty big nerd rage, because this is absolutely appalling to me.

  3. What the fuck? Just another huge glaring reason I won’t ever spend money on Call of Duty.

    Where oh where has my humble little WW2 shooter gone =(…

  4. So it’s only eligible to US residents? Well looks like I’m going to be behind on my XP.
    Pre-order incentives generally don’t bother me, but this seems to be a really bad choice of promotional deal.

  5. You know what? It honestly doesn’t bother me. EA did the same thing with Dr. Pepper last year.

    When COD4 came out, I bought it half a year after the release, so I was already at a disadvantage in terms of diversity of weaponry, knowledge of maps and what were the most popular setups(basically a knowledge of the metagame).

    But I survived.

    Black Ops, as far as I remember, still sold thousands of new copies a month even last summer. So those are likely new players, starting from Level 1 with a few thousand COD points and the preview loadouts.

    So here’s how I see it; barring pre-order bonuses, the only thing we’re really paying for is a premium for more time with the game. We pay the higher entry price, the $60 and sales tax, and we get to play it from Day 1.

    Buying pop for easy XP is just a reversal of that premium. You pay a small fee, 50 cents for a bag of Doritos, a dollar for a bottle of pop and you get rewards quicker.

    It’s not like, eat MODERN RANCHFARE Doritos and get that one gun from Perfect Dark that tracks people through walls.

    God, I can’t imagine how messy controllers and keyboards might get.

  6. This is pretty dumb, but it doesn’t affect me. I don’t care if some losers get them selves all jacked up on the Dew. Their aim will be shaky, their bladder will be full and I shall reap the rewards of theit foolishness.


  7. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t *shudder* Mountain Dew. That stuff tastes like hobo piss.

  8. I could really care less, in the scheme of things I play for myself. If I was always checking my progress by looking at what other people do, there would always be someone with more xp or a better weapon. But, don’t start dissing Mountain Dew, for us old timers the only energy drink we could get 30 years ago was the good ol green can. There wasnt any Monster or Amp, so our all night sessions were powered by Dew.

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