Twenty Minute Skyrim Walkthrough is All Kinds of Amazing

Where do these games companies get off, making awesome things and then teasing me for a year before I can actually get my hands on their games. If it wasn’t enough making Skyrim look like the RPG to end all RPGs, Bethesda just released a twenty-minute walkthrough of the game, narrated by Game Director Todd Howard. This was the behind closed doors demo shown to games press at E3 and fans at PAX, and now the general public finally gets a look at it. Part one is here, and parts two and three are after the jump.

Man, I can’t believe how good Skyrim looks. And I was trying to do well in school this term. Alas, looks like I’ll have to lapse into couch potato status while I kill dragons and learn their language.

What did you guys think of this twenty minute demo fro Skyrim? Shut up and take my money?

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12 thoughts on “Twenty Minute Skyrim Walkthrough is All Kinds of Amazing”

  1. Why wont this game just take my money right now? I’ve typed in “Give Money.” I tried to slide my card into my DVD-Drive. I have signed away my first born child. I would have thrown my wallet at the screen, but that would have broken my monitor since it’s a metal wallet.

    But seriously, this game looks absolutely gorgeous, and I cannot wait to get completely immersed in such a wonderful looking world.

  2. OMG, the song in the last video made me sooooo nostalgic… I think this game is going to be up to morrowind status. Might be simpler but I think they have got the atmosphere down unlike oblivion, which is my main concern and reason I liked the series.

  3. Why won’t November get here sooner dammit. I am so pumped for this. And I’m pretty sure thats the first time that the Dark Brotherhood has been mentioned by anyone, fantastic news that they are back.

  4. OMFG! MY HEAD ASPLODE! This game looks so fun! I’m really glad they threw in another couple of voice actors aswell. Variety is a good thing.

  5. Just watched it from a friends link. All I can say to this is that it IS going to blow Oblivion out of the water.

    The only complaint I have is that while the spells EFFECTS seem more varried, their casting animation (the hand) seems….vanilla. I would have guessed it would look a little different. But all in all its way better than in Oblivion. Their engine rework will pay off tenfold. Seriously.

    Im very excited about the modding aspect of this game. After modding Oblivion pretty heavily, I can only imagine whats going to come out now. Things like more complex death blows (the animations) the spells will get even crazier (some mods for oblivion made them nuts) and other aspects such as weapons and items will be insanely detailed now with the new inventory system. This game is definitely the one game I would get if I could only get 1.

  6. Skyrim is one of my “gonna haves”, but not on opening day. Too many time/money consumers in October and November…

  7. I am buying Skyrim (PC), without a doubt. However, knowing Bethesda’s past releases, it may or may not be buggy as hell. Either way, I’m waiting until later on down the road, so that A: Bethesda and the modding community can iron out all the bugs, and B: I can afford a better laptop to run Skyrim. Yes, I said laptop. That’s how I roll.

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