Would You Rather: Fall 2011 Edition

Well, it’s not quite fall, but nobody’s told that to the video games industry yet. Already, we’ve seen Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Resistance 3, Dead Island, Space Marine and soon, Gears of War 3. And that’s just for the month of September. Yes, the Fall of 2011 has been documented far too many times on our site, but seriously, can you blame us?

As such, we thought it was time to drop in with a brand new edition of Would You Rather. This time, we wanted to give you some tough decisions regarding the fall, and all its video game goodness. For the Would You Rather newbies out there, the game is easy: we ask and you dish out your response. Give as much or as little explanation as you want for your choices, but we all know that we like to see the reasoning behind the madness.

Don’t let your answers suck, though. Jeff just got a new pair of glasses that can spy people that give sucky answers and then annihilate them with crazy lasers. Seriously. I’m totally not making that up. OK go!

1. Would you rather buy one Collector’s Edition of a game you love and all of its DLC, or buy two games that you like?

2. Would you rather spend a day watching eSports or a day watching regular sports?

3. Would you rather approach a shooter that gave you the option in a stealthy way, or with pure gun power?

4. Would you rather multiplayer be completely divorced from the single player, or have story elements a la Assassin’s Creed: Revelations?

5. Would you rather play only the single player games this fall, or only the multiplayer games?

6. Would you rather skip the games of this fall or the games of next spring?

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14 thoughts on “Would You Rather: Fall 2011 Edition”

  1. 1. Guess it all depends on the game. For a game like Fallout 3, I only really like one of the DLC, so I’d rather just get two games.
    But with Black Ops, I enjoy having the extra maps, so I would get (and have gotten)the special edition of it.

    2. Regular sports, please.

    3. Stealthy. I enjoy my silenced sniper rifles and close-quarters knifing.

    4. I’d rather have it divorced.
    In fact, there have been many times which I wish companies would separate their multiplayer from the singleplayer. Call of Duty, for example. There are people that just buy it for the multiplayer, and a few that buy just for the singleplayer. If I was one of those people, I’d rather pay $20-$30 for what I’m looking for, then $60 for a game that I’ll only utilize half of. Or I buy both and trade/sell off the half I don’t want.

    5. If “Only the multiplayer games” covers the big multiplayer hits (CoD, BF3) then I’d go with Singleplayer (Skyrim, AC:R).

    6. I could skip the games of next Spring, because thus far very few of them really appeal to me.

  2. 1.) Two games that i like. For some reason at about 30 or 40 hours most games loose me and i never finish the extra content(DA DLC, Fallout 3 DLC)

    2.)Real sports, eSports don’t really appeal to me.

    3.) Stealthy 100%. So much fun in most games but the stealth has to be done right, a la Deus Ex: HR

    4.) I think the multiplayer should stay separate. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood had some story in the multiplayer but most games that try to add story elements fail at it.

    5.) Single. Skyrim. Next

    6.) Next spring i think, so many good games coming out.

  3. 1. One game with all the content. I’d rather play the crap out of a game I love and expand the experience as much as possible.

    2. Real sports. When an eSports player can get a compound fracture (I love rugby), I’ll give it a try.

    3. Despite being a person who loves balls to wall FPS action Rambo games, truthfully I’d choose the stealth. Partly because it’s more challenging = fun and partly because I feel like crazy shooters are a dollar a dozen where good stealth games and few and far between. Deus Ex is the most recent example of said awesomeness.

    4. I like story to come into play in co-op multiplayer but otherwise I’d rather they stay apart otherwise.

    5. You SOB. That’s a Sophie’s choice. Honestly though, single player. Cause missing out on BF3 and COD5 would suck hard, but missing Deus Ex, Rage, Skyrim, Batman Arkham City, Uncharted 3, etc would suck harder.

    6. This is tough, if Mass Effect 3 is considered part of the spring line up then my answer changes, otherwise I’d rather miss next springs games. Too many awesome games coming out.

  4. 1) Collectors Edition, but I might only be saying this so I feel better about preordering the $150 Gears 3 edition.

    2) Real Sports, now that its fantasy football season I cant imagine missing a sunday of watching.

    3) A shooter its hard to say. I love being stealthy in 3rd person games like Batman and Assassins Creed but when I have a gun its usually one stealth kill then an all out firefight. It really depends on the game and the number of enemies.

    4) I like them being separate. I really liked what Brotherhood did but I feel like in the long run it only limits you. I like maps that fit in with the campaign but if you try to infuse story into multiplayer then well never get to play some absurd Moon map or some place that was destroyed 2 games ago. Bioshock did a pretty good job at adding story so Im still open to the idea.

    5) Im stoked for Skyrim and Uncharted but I need to play Gears 3 right away. I think I can manage that, BF3 and MW3 for a bit.

    6) Skip the Spring. Probably gonna end up doing so anyway, long list of games so everything will get pushed back.

  5. 1. Depends on what comes in it. I have little use for most of the goodies they throw in there. Probably 2 games instead of the 1.

    2. Regular sports. Sorry, Nick.

    3. A few weeks ago, gun power, After Deus Ex, stealth.

    4. I prefer it to be separate, unless it is co-op.

    5. single player. Uncharted and Skytim win out over Gears and MW 3.

    6. DAMN THIS ONE. This fall. I need Mass Effect 3. I NEED IT.

  6. 1. Would you rather buy one Collector’s Edition of a game you love and all of its DLC, or buy two games that you like?

    Ooh, that’s a tough one. I’ve never bought a CE, so I would probably do that just to say that I have it and because I love the game.

    2. Would you rather spend a day watching eSports or a day watching regular sports?

    Probably regular sports. I don’t know what eSports are.

    3. Would you rather approach a shooter that gave you the option in a stealthy way, or with pure gun power?

    It really depends. If it were a third-person shooter, I would go in stealthy. But if it were first-person, I would bust in guns blazing.

    4. Would you rather multiplayer be completely divorced from the single player, or have story elements a la Assassin’s Creed: Revelations?

    Hm, that’s another tough one. I don’t know a whole lot about AC:R.

    5. Would you rather play only the single player games this fall, or only the multiplayer games?

    Only the single player games, because I don’t have to buy them right away. If I don’t buy multiplayer games day one, other players gain that extra advantage over me.

    6. Would you rather skip the games of this fall or the games of next spring?

    I would rather skip Spring 2012. Skyrim is set for this fall, and Bioshock Infinite doesn’t land on shelves until…wait…dammit.

  7. 1. It depends on what’s in the collector’s edition. MW2’s Hardened Edition was very nice and The Witcher 2’s looks fantastic and well worth the extra money. I’ve yet to play The Witcher 2, or even 1 for that matter, but it sounds like a game I’d love. But if it was like Crysis 2’s or GT5’s Spec. Ed.s then give me two games I like.

    2. Well, real sports bore me. I just don’t GET football (or as you yanks call it: soccer), or cricket, or rugby (although between rugby and football, rugby wins hands down). I’d love to watch eSports primarily because of the novelty factor as I’ve barely been able to watch any before. Watching fighting games is incredibly exciting at times.

    3. Stealth. Gunning is fun but when a game can pull of stealth mechanics properly then it makes completing objectives silently so much more rewarding. Also, good stealth gameplay is hard to do so the least I can do for the hard working designers is to try it out, lol.

    4. Out of story generally. I don’t usually try to justify why Spartans are fighting Spartans with the ocasional Elite on either side whilst thinking, “This is MADNESS!” Bioshock and Crysis try to justify their multiplayer modes but it doesn’t enrich the experience in any concievable way.

    5. Arrgh… Single player I guess. Uncharted and Skyrim and a few collections are enough. But Battlefield and MW3! 🙁

    6. Spring but only because I’m ignorant as to what it holds for us (bar Mass Effect 3, but I’ll sneakily get it while you guys aren’t looking).

  8. 1. Depends on the game, but probably the Collector’s Edition. Give me a Soundtrack and an art book and I’ll be happy. Not really into the figurines and such

    2. Regular sports, not that there’s much in the way of eSports coverage here in Australia anyway.

    3. Stealth, I’ve always liked being sneaky.

    4. Completely divorced. It just seems weird trying to tell part of the story while you’re getting torn to pieces by some guy half way round the world.

    5. Single player for sure. I’ve never really been into any multiplayer games, not in a big way.

    6. EDDY!! Thats just horrible! How can you expect me to choose between Skyrim/Batman and Mass Effect 3? ….. Dammit, it really isnt a choice. Farewell Fall Games, Shepard takes precedence over everything.

  9. @ Article: I guess you could say that Jeff’s vision…is augmented. *skull-shades flip out* YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

    My God, that was quite possibly the most perfectly set-up joke ever. haha

    1) I’d rather get two games because DLC isn’t always up to par as a full game is. Of course, however, it depends on the game, its DLC offering, and how diverse the genres are.

    2) Um…I’d rather read.

    3) After playing Deus Ex 1 and 3 and comparing it to, say, Modern Warfare 2, I know that stealthing by a room full of a badasses and mechas is always more satisfying than gunning down hapless fools. It requires more strategy and non-gunplay skill.

    4) I’d like to see more multiplayer games that experiment with including story elements within the multiplayer game, but it needs to be handled well to be worthwhile. This can usually work better for co-op multiplayers games as opposed to competitive ones, but it really comes down to how the story is injected into the gameplay. More so than singleplayer, the story and gameplay must be happily married so that the player is free to move and fight during a match, with story elements occurring around them. Also, the player should be able to ignore or enjoy the story without it impacting gameplay flow. That I think is the hardest part. If a story-multiplayer game is handled poorly, I’d rather have a straight-up non-story multiplayer.

    5) Other than Battlefield 3, I’m getting all singleplayer games (DXHR, Skyrim, Mass Effect 3), so if I had to choose, I’d go with the latter three. But I still love me some Battlefield, and BF3 is looking great.

    6) Next spring, although I don’t really know what’s coming out next spring. These incoming fall games are amazing enough. In fact, because of money problems, I probably will have to skip the spring games., but I’m okay with that.

    Awesome questions this time around, can’t wait for the next one! I love these!

  10. 1. I’m a fan of collector’s editions, but I’d rather have another game if I had to choose.

    2. Real sports. Baseball playoffs coming soon, football’s starting up. This is the best time of year for sports (for me, anyway).

    3. I’ve always liked stealth games and never really liked firefights.

    4. Don’t know anything about AC:R, but I’d rather multiplayer be divorced /if/ it’s important to the story. Demon’s Souls, however, had one of my favorite MP features ever. You didn’t /need/ to play with someone else, but when you did it was part of the campaign. No PvP arenas or separate quests or anything like that.

    5. Single player. Skyrim, Dark Souls, Batman, Xenoblade Chronicles.

    6. Spring. No way I’m missing Dark Souls and Skyrim. Even if Shepard has to suffer.

  11. 1. Depends on the game. Something in the Fallout Universe, I’d say Collector’s Edition all the way.

    2. Can I pick the sport? If it’s hockey, then I’m watching that all day. If I have to pick basketball or tennis, then give me the eSports.

    3. First I’ll play it stealthy, then go back and play it guns blazing. I’m generally a stealth/ghost/thief player whenever I can be.

    4. Completely divorced. Hell, don’t even spend any time or money making multiplayer anymore unless you’re one of the best. Leave that to Valve/Dice/Whoever’s whoring out CoD that year, unless you’re going to do something very different than just SQDM / DM

    5. Single Player

    6. I’m not sure yet, waiting to see how everything gets received when they drop. Currently I’m not really excited for anything besides Skyrim and CS:GO, and even those are just at mediocre excitement levels.

  12. 1. Game I love. I can also check out those I like from work.

    2. eSports like Starcraft beat all but football for me.

    3. So many provide pure gun power these days, and I love stealth, so give me a stealthy option.

    4. Depends what game. So games it just wouldn’t work for.

    5. Single player for sure.

    6. This fall. Mass Effect 3 outweighs all for me.

  13. 1. I really don’t play DLC much, so it’s much more likely that I’d enjoy two different games much more.

    2. Both sound like they’d put me to sleep. Probably eSports, though.

    3. I like to be a tactical, almost stealthy gunner, but I don’t like leaving enemies behind who can tell the tale of what happened. I’m a 100% lethal player.

    4. Really depends. Of course something like Unreal Tournament will have the story bleeding into multiplayer quite a bit. Most of the time I’d prefer that the two don’t cross paths except on the rare occasion that a game does a side co-op campaign that ties in well.

    5. Singleplayer. The only multiplayer I really enjoy anymore is co-op, and during the fall nobody has time in their schedule to play through a small campaign.

    6. I sure as all hell am not skipping the games of this Fall.

  14. 1. One Collector’s Edition plus DLC please.

    2. Esports. StarCraft for life!

    3. Stealth for sure. I love the feeling of successfully sneaking around a potentially annoying encounter.

    4. Story elements in multiplayer would be cool, but not if the unlock at max level.

    5. Oh, that’s tough. If it wasn’t for BF3, I’d say single. Oh, Gears 3 as well, I guess.

    6. You had to bring Mass Effect 3 into this, didn’t you?! So far all we’re getting for sure next spring is ME3 though, so I guess I’d skip it.

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