The GamerSushi Show, Ep 35: Buy, Sell!

A new podcast appears? Yup. It’s been a couple of weeks since we recorded this, but I thought you’d like to have it anyway. We’re talking about some old news at this point, but there’s some entertaining bits in there about Counter-Strike: GO, Bethesda Versus Notch and Diablo 3 on consoles.

The super exciting news is that next week’s podcast release will be extra awesome, as it was done over GamerSushi weekend last weekend. Yes, all of us in the same room, acting the fool. It’s entertaining stuff, and by no means should keep you from enjoying this episode as well.

Nick tried editing this one in a different format than normal. It should play mostly the same, but if you open it in Quicktime, you can advance through chapters with the arrows, which is kind of cool. Have fun, gents and ladies.

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00:00:25 Intro
00:03:14 Gamescom: Trailers, DotA 2, Free to Play
00:16:44 CS: GO, go go!
00:23:38 Come at the king, you best not miss
00:32:10 Gametime! [Buy or Sell]
00:34:31 Buy or Sell: Bethesda actually manning up and playing some Quake 3
00:43:40 Buy or Sell: Diablo 3 actually coming to consoles
00:49:07 Buy or Sell: Ubisoft purposefully being shady about From Dust
00:58:41 Outro

The Big Questions: Thoughts on Dota 2? Would you Buy or Sell these topics and why? Go!

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9 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 35: Buy, Sell!”

  1. I’ve listened to podcasts for 4 years.

    I’ve heard plenty in this format (guys sitting around, talking about their hobby), and it’s usually…awful. Boring. Often juvenile. Useless content. Slagging Brand X or Person Y.

    I’m happy that your podcast is none of the above. I get a sense of buddies sitting around chatting, but with a structure, and you talk knowledgeably about stuff I want to hear about (other than Portal 2, skipped that one because I’ve got to beat it first).

    So thanks, guys.

  2. Yet again, another brilliant podcast! I’m really pumped for CS:GO and Battlefield 3! It would be really awesome if Bethesda were cool about the situation and played them in a game of Quake 3. Keep up the great work guys!

  3. Good game. Well justified answers; loved Nick’s read on how Bethesda could save face in light of the whole Scrolls trademark fiasco.

    When in doubt, be a nice person.

    One question, though: what’s the title of that song at the outro?

  4. *Yeah, I dont think anyone with a controller really thinks they can tear up a bunch of PC players, but just to play with my friends who only have consoles would be such a treat. Hell, I’ll go pistols only if there needs to be a handicap.

    *I so wish Notch and Bethesday could duke it out. Of course legal would just shake their heads and ask “What the hell is Quake 3 ?” What a gaming media frenzy that would create.

    By the way, VLC (VideoLAN) player also allows you to skip chapters. It’s a free player that supports soo many types of video and audio files. Certainly a nicer player than Quicktime.

    Great podcast boys

  5. Great Podcast I finally got around to listening to it also i really like how all the podcast games are from PTI, or Around the Horn I’m still waiting for someone to say goodnight Canada

  6. First time posting, I just finished watching both Leetworld and Webzeroes and they are definitely up there as some of my favorite shows of all time! I’m glad that you guys are continuing your work through this podcast.

    I really like the format of the show, and thank you for addressing the issue of micro-transactions in gaming. Especially when it comes to free to play shooters, competitive play is literally non-existent because as you guys said, gameplay shouldn’t be affected by how much money you have.

    I really enjoy that you guys bring up gaming related topics that are surprisingly “lacking” in many more established gaming podcasts.

    Keep up the great work and I am looking forward for many more awesome podcasts.

  7. Hey guys, apologize my late pass as I’ve finally found this podcast and now will definitely tune in every week! I really like the format and wanted to add a little info towards Global Opposition. I’ve read that it will indeed support 3 control types for console with mouse and keyboard being the third. I do agree that most will more than likely use controllers. The rest of us 1% will be kicking ass with our weapon of choice. Great episode!

  8. Hey guys, haven’t heard anything about the podcast in the last few months. Was just curious if it was coming back? I know Eddy’s been a little busy as of late but with the new kid situation (congratulations to him by the way) I don’t know if that’s a factor, but I really enjoy listening and I hope it makes a return sometime soon.

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