Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Trailer is all Slow-Mo

Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist Robert Bowling just dropped the trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer mode to coincide with the Call of Duty Experience this weekend. While the trailer isn’t exactly revealing the changes to the UI that are coming with the three-quel, it does include a lot of shots of the weapons, perks and all the other little gadgets you’ll be using to kill people.

So did you get anything from the repeated slow-motion shots of people getting brassed up? Modern Warfare 3 is actually looking pretty cool, and I think we all have a good idea of what the multiplayer portion is going to be like anyways. What did you guys think of the trailer?

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11 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Trailer is all Slow-Mo”

  1. Hey look they finally changed the run animation! Seriously this game looks nothing compared to BF3. I look forward to not purchasing come November 8th.

  2. I always rip on this game, but honestly this looks too cool.

    I might just get the PS3 version so my friends won’t know I’m playing.

  3. I said good riddance to the Black Ops style of play. F black ops. Ive actually played MW2 mor eint he last two weeks than Blops.

    I think they are going to re-capture the COD faithful with this game. Im excited.

  4. [quote comment=”17567″]Dogtags.


    That’s, by all means, pretty “meh”.[/quote]

    If you think thats how ALL games are, its not. Its a specific gametype. I dont care for it, but it will make it so no one can camp.

  5. I like to think theres some deep story to this trailer. This guy keeps getting killed by some mysterious man in every match he joins and each time only gets a glimpse. As he ranks up and tries new gear the mysterious man keeps putting him into his place. Until that fateful match where he finally bests him. The trailer cuts out after that but Im pretty confident that he walks over to the body and it was his older brother. You see hed been brainwashed and the one time he finally fought back and refused to pull the trigger, his little brother didnt. Sad Stuff.

    Anyway game looks fun. I look forward to playing this in the first couple weeks when everyone is slightly new and its a more even playing field. After that time passes Ill still play but itll be ugly.

  6. I wasn’t gonna buy this, but everything I see is just getting me super pumped. Looks kickass, not gonna lie.

  7. Now, at first I was really honestly looking forward to MW3 just to see if they’d figured out where they messed up campaign-wise in MW2, and to see how it all ends.

    For me, MW2’s multiplayer was an unbalanced mess, less bread-and-butter basics of “shoot this guy faster and more accurately than he does you” and more “Who can create the most outrageous blend of perks”

    On the other hand, Black Ops was, honestly, with zero cynicism, probably the best Call of Duty experience I’ve had. Streamlined unlocks and considerable balancing really improved it for me. Plus instead of the angry desaturated gray(which admittedly still was there in some of the more industrial areas) that plagued MW2, you got to go to places like 1960’s Havana or a snowy Siberian mountaintop(compared to MW2’s “military base and also it’s snowing”)

    So I’ll probably try it out, maybe even devote serious time to it.

  8. Kill Confirmed is a good idea, but I already foresee whole games of campers just racking up kills for XP, never raising their score. The whole time limit goes by and folks get kills but no points. Doesn’t sound too bad, until you realize that you’ll probably be stuck with a whole team of campers and nobody going to collect kills. And then kill stealers.

    Still, I like the new stuff they’re bringing to MW3, but I’m not about to buy it.

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